Lock Approved Shifts for Payroll Processing

This is useful for payroll teams to stop users making changes whilst payroll is being processed. You have the ability to do this on specific days or on specific rosters by using the Lock Shifts button.

By default, Admin users will see the Lock Shifts button.

Before you lock the roster, select the appropriate Approve Shifts week that you wish to lock. For example, it might be last week.

To lock shifts in Approve Shifts:

1. Navigate to Time and Attendance > Approve Shifts.

2. Click Lock Shifts.


3. Select the Operation or Operations you would like to lock.

4. Enter the Days you wish to lock shifts. You can also Select All.

5. Select the specific Roster/s. Select the arrow to move your selections to the right.

6. Click Add Lock Periods.

7. Click Close.


 When the lock is on the Approve shifts will appear as 'Locked shift' as per below:


 To unlock a locked shift:

  • For example after you have finished processing payroll you may like to turn off the lock.

1. Click Lock Shifts.

2. Click the Delete icon next to the Locked Dates detail (see image below).

3. Click Close.

The unlocked shift will revert back to the shift status e.g. 'Shift Approved'. You are now able to edit the shift by clicking on the pencil icon.





The ability to lock shifts is based on user permissions.

To allow locking by other users, this can be turned on in the user settings:

1. In the quick menu select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings > Users.

2. Click ^ next to the relevant user and the edit icon next to Default permissions (this is to edit permissions for a specific user instead of all admin users which can be adjusted through permission groups).

3. Select the Admin Can Lock Approve Shift Date to enable.

4. Click Submit.


The user will now see the lock shifts option in Approve Shifts.


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