Export Approved shifts CSV report

Checking all of your shifts have been approved

Using the Approved shifts CSV export is a great way to check that all of your shifts have been approved and are ready for payroll. You will also be able to export other information export information 

Some examples of this useful export are to:

  • Export all unapproved shifts to send to your managers/supervisors.
  • Run a report to compare rostered hours, clocked hours & approved hours (see also Roster Summary Report).
  • Run final checks before payroll. 
  • See which manager approved or declined a particular shift. For information on approving or declining shifts, read more here.

You can also save your search preferences as a 'Saved search' to use at a later date. We will run through this below.

Using the Approve shifts CSV Export

To use the Approve shifts CSV Export:

  1. Navigate to Time & Attendance > Approve Shifts.
  2. Select the relevant date from Show Results From.
  3. Use the filters to select the information you wish to export. For example, you may only want to export information for a certain
    • Employee
    • Operation Office code
    • Operation
    • Roster
    • Shift status 
    • Shift type

      • ie. In the example below, we selected the Caffeine Express Operation & the Back of House Roster.

  4. Select Apply Filter

  5. Select CSV Export.
  6. Select the data you wish to export:
    • You can use the Select all / Deselect all options at the top to save time or,
    • Click on the headings in order to select/deselect an entire category. As we have done on the 'Clock Information' heading below.

  7.  To generate, click Export CSV.

    The report will now show the information you have selected to export.
    Ie. we had selected to see the approval status of all shifts and who each shift was approved or declined by and when (see below).



Saving your Export options for future use

Once you have a combination of export options that you like to use, it's a good idea to save them for future use.

To do this:

  1. Under Export Options > Name your export description> then Save. 
  2. You'll find all of your saved search preferences under 'Load saved Export options'.



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