How to finalise timesheets to process pays

Pending timesheets are ready to be submitted by employees. Once submitted they will be Submitted (Pending Approval). These timesheets can then be accepted within the relevant Operations profile that is associated with timesheet or through the admin portal under Timesheets > Manage Timesheets.

1. Go to Timesheets > Manage Timesheets.

2. Search for timesheets using:

Date Filter (to search pay period) and

Timesheet Status = Pending (Ready to Submit) + Submitted (Pending Approval). Both need to be dealt with to process pays.


For timesheets that are Ready to Submit:

1. Click the arrow next to Ready to Submit > Submit for Employee

2. Complete the details and click Submit Timesheet.


For timesheets that are Submitted (Pending Approval):

1. Click the tick next to Submitted to accept the timesheet.