Position Changes Report

The Position Changes Report shows you a history of employee positions.

This can be used to:

  • View an employee's history of positions and export if needed.
  • View a list of employees who are paid under a specific Award or Agreement.

As this report contains pay data it is found in the Financial Reports menu and can only be accessed by users with financial permissions.

Looking for a Employment date report? Check out our guide here.

Position Change Report

To run the Position Change Report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Financial > Positions Changes report
  2. Select your date range.
  3. Select your filters, the available filters are:
    • Position started or ended- select if you'd like to see a report of when someone started or ended a position (or leave blank for both).
    • Employees
    • Operations
    • Office Codes
    • Awards- select an Award to see all employees paid under the Award.
      • To clear your selection, select the blank row from the drop down.
    • Positions
    • Employment Status
  4. Submit the report. You can now view your data and if needed export as CSV, Excel or PDF. 

In the video below we'll view the position changes for Kate in the last 90 days. Then we run the report again to see a full list of employees paid under the Restaurant Industry Award.

  Please note this Screen Navigation has no sound, please watch to see the position changes report in action.

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