How contractors work in foundU

Contractors work like any other employee in foundU. They're able to be registered, onboarded, rostered, use clocking and admins are able to approve their shifts. The key difference being a contractor's details won't flow into payroll, financial reporting or invoicing as they are dealt with outside of the platform.


Turn on contractors in platform settings
To turn on contractors in your platform navigate to Platform Settings from the main menu. Select System settings and scroll until you find Enable Contractors and toggle on.

Mark an employee as a contractor when registering

When an employee is registered via People > Add people (or via the your company's registration link You can select contractor from the drop down menu.

Setting up a contractor in your award
To enable contractors in your platform you'll need to have a non-paying award. Check out our adding an award or agreement section for guidance on how to set up your contractor in your award.
Viewing contractors in foundU
You can also view your contractors in foundU by navigating to People > Approved people and using the show filter option to filter by employment type and refine results to contractors.

 status will also show on the employees profile.

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