Employee 18th Birthday TFN Reminder template

Employee 18th Birthday reminder

The Employee 18th Birthday TFN Reminder Template can be tailored to communicate with an employee to let them know to fill in the TFN declaration form which is helpful where an employee may have selected that they do not have a TFN as they are under 18.

Customise your TFN Communication Template
  • An example of the email that may be received by the Employee.


This feature will allow you to:

  • Send employee TFN reminder notification to update their tax file declaration (for example if they were previously claiming an exemption for being under 18).

To customise your TFN Reminder template:

  1. Navigate to the hamburger icon to open the Full Menu and select Communication > Communication Content.
  2. Under the template name heading look for Employee Eighteen Birthday TFN Reminder Template or you can use the Search Bar and type in 'Employee Eighteen Birthday TFN Reminder Template' to locate the template.
  3. Select the Employee Eighteen Birthday TFN Reminder Template. You will notice that Template Type is Employee, which means that the reminder will only go to an employee directly.
  4.  You can then customise the default email content as you'd like.edit_message_template_tfn.png



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