How to update a Logo in your platform

Updating logos in your foundU platform

You may want to update the logo in your platform if you have:

  • Acquired a new business
  • Changed the design of your logo
  • Would like a different logo to appear on payslips

You may have different paying entities in your platform, if this is the case and you would like the payslips to show different logos, you will need to change the logo within the Office code.

Adding a logo to Platform files

If you would like to update a logo on your foundU platform, it is quite a simple process provided you have the right size files.

To adjust a logo:

  1. Navigate to the hamburger icon > Platform settings > Platform files.
  2. Select the Upload tab.
  3. You will need 2 Logo files in the following sizes:
    • 300 x 100 (pixels) size logo for the following: Logo, PDF Logo and SVG Logo.
    • 51 x 51 (pixels) for Tiny Logo
  4. Choose the appropriate file from your computer.
  5. Select Submit.

  When updating a logo in your platform, you may need to do a 'Hard reload' of your page in order to see the changes take effect. On a Windows computer - Control + F5, you can click reload button while holding control. On a Macbook - Command + Shift + R.

Updating a logo on payslips

If you need to update the logo in the payslips you will need to follow a slightly different procedure.

You can have a different logo for each office code/paying entity in your platform. For more information on setting up a new pay entity (office code), read more here.

To update payslip logo:

  1. From the hamburger icon > select Payroll Settings > Office Code.
  2. Select the edit pencil icon for the  applicable office code.
  3. Scroll down to the Tax Dec Details section and locate the PDF Logo field.
  4. Here you can drag and drop the file or choose file from your computer. The ideal size logo should be 300 x 100 (pixels) which is the same as pdf logo.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of this page and Save to update.

  6. To ensure the logo has saved properly, navigate to Payroll > Pay, choose a draft payslip. On the right hand side, select Action > Edit,  and scroll to the bottom and 'Preview Payslip'. You should see your recently updated logo displaying here.