Hide operation name on payslip

You have the ability to hide the Operation Name on the Payslip PDF.

  • Payslip PDF when Operation name is displayed:


To hide the Operation:

  1. Select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and navigate to Platform Settings > System Settings.
  2. Locate the setting Hide operation name from payslip PDF and switch the toggle to Yes to hide or No to show.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page to click Save.

Payslip PDF when Operation name is not displayed:

  • When you choose to hide the operation name, the operation name will not be shown on the payslip and in the line items or day-by-day breakdown (if you have these displayed on your payslips).



Please note: That if you hide the operation name and have not generated the payslip, this change will not be reflected until you generate the payslip.
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