Discovering Actions made by different users within your foundU platform

Your foundU platform has a User Action Log that allows you to see various types of actions that have been performed in your platform and who has made those changes. You will be able to see actions made in all parts of your platform including:

  • Employee Portal
  • Admin Portal
  • Operation Portal

Some examples of use in the User Action Log are:

  • Who edited an office code?
  • Which admin assigned this manager to this employee?
  • Which admin edited the specific details for this employee?
  • Who edited this shift or roster?
  • Who edited, and when were the settings for this feature changed?
  • Who made these changes in Awards and Agreements?
  • Who added or removed this position from this employee?
  • Who has accepted or terminated this employee?
  • When did this employee edit their personal details?
  • Who enabled / disabled TOIL for an employee?
  • Which admin enabled the employee clock on a profile?


Navigating the User Action Log

To use the User Action Log Feature to see actions made within your platform by employees or admins, follow the steps below:

  1. In the hamburger menu, navigate to Platform Settings > User Action Log.

  2. Select your dates by using the Show Results from and Show Results to filters. This will heavily reduce the data and allow you to find the action you are looking for much easier.
  3. Select the Area of the platform you would like to search.

    • Admin Portal (performed by an admin user in their Admin Portal)
    • Employee Portal (performed by an employee or admin in an employee's portal)
    • Operation Portal (performed by an operation user in the Ops Portal)
    • System task
  4. You can then use the Employee filter, Operation filter to help you further refine the data.
  5. To find out the actions created by a specific person, select them from the User filter.

    In the example below, we were searching to see which Admin edited, a shift for Kristin Donald on the 12th of April. In using the User action Log, we can tell that it was Carly Lygon.

  6. You also have the option to filter by Action Type. This will be useful if you run the User Action log often for a specific reason or to further filter down your results.

    To Filter by Action Type and save the Filters:

    1. Select Filter by Action Type.
    2. Select the combination of Items you would like to choose. Remember you can use the Select all / Deselect all buttons to do things more quickly.
    3. To Save this Option to use for Later, select Additional Options, name the filter description and scroll down to Save.


Exporting the User Action Log

You can also Export results from the User Action Log to CSV and PDF. To produce an Export:

  1. From the report that you generated before, either choose to Export CSV or Export PDF.
  2. Once you process the Export, a pop-up box will appear letting you know that the Export will appear in the notification icon in the top right-hand side of your platform.

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