Roster Timesheet Variance Report

The Roster Timesheet Variance Report lets you compared rostered hours with approved hours (timesheet), as well compare costs across both. This is useful to help see where you may be over or under rostering. 

To access the report:

1. Go to Reports, Workforce Management Reports.

2. Click Roster Timesheet Variance Report.

3. Select any Groupings to view (groups of data to show):

  • employee
  • roster
  • operation

4. Select the relevant Week Ending.

5. You can also filter the report according to any:

  • operation
  • manager
  • purchase order
  • roster employee
  • state
  • office

Or leave blank to view all data.

6. Click Submit.

7. The report can also be exported to .csv or .pdf.


Grouped by Employee:


Grouped by Operation:


 Group by Roster:



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