Roster Summary Report

Generating the Roster Summary Report

The Roster Summary Report allows you to view the employee's rostered hours compared with their timesheet hours (approved hours they will be paid on).

Some common uses for this report:

  • Compare your rostered hours with timesheet hours prior to finalising your Payroll
  • Allows managers to ensure their employees' clock times don't vary from rostered times
  • See a timestamp of when shifts were created in the roster
  • Export and send the report to your managers so they can check their employees' rostered hours compared with their timesheet hours if they don't have access to Approve Shifts
  • Quickly see the total number of hours the employee was rostered for within the relevant date range

In this article we will cover:

  • Generating the report

This report is available both from the Admin and Operations portals however, the data generated in this report is pulled directly from the roster and timesheets and will not apply to jobs.

  Please note this Screen Navigation has no sound, please watch and follow along for helpful tips on generating your Roster Summary report.

Generating the Roster Summary Report

To run the report:

  1. In the quick menu navigate to Reports > Workforce and then select Roster Summary.
  2. Enter your preferred filters. The groupings available include:
    • Date Range (From-To)
    • Operation (client or venue)
    • Candidate (Employee)
    • Date

    There is also an optional filter for only displaying shifts that were created within a specific date range (Created From:/ Created To:) on the right or leave this blank to view all shifts within the roster date range.

  3. Additional display options can also be selected by ticking the following checkboxes:
    • Include shifts pending approval
    • Include declined shifts
    • Include Clock In/Out Information
    • Include timesheet information
    • Include pay
    • Hide position
  4. Click Generate. This will display the data underneath.

  5. You can also download the report as a PDF or CSV by clicking Export PDF/Export CSV.

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