Roster Summary Report

To double check your rostered hours when compared with timesheet hours prior to finalising Payroll.

The Roster Summary Report allows you to view the employee's rostered hours compared with their timesheet hours (approved hours they will be paid on).

The roster summary report is available both from the Admin and Operations Portals.

This data is pulled directly from the roster itself and will not apply to jobs.

To run the report:

1. In the quick menu navigate to Reports > Workforce  and then select Roster Summary.

2. You can filter by Date range (From - To), Operation, and Filter by: Candidate (Employee) or Date -  viewing order.

There is also an optional filter for showing only shifts that were created within a specific date range (Created From:/ Created To:) on the right.

Note: This can be left blank to view all shifts in the roster date range.

3. Additional display options can also be selected by ticking the check boxes:

  • timesheet information (approved hours),
  • shifts not yet accepted (approved)
  • clock in/out times
  • include charge out (typically only relevant to labour hire companies).

3. Click Generate. This will display the data underneath.



5. You can also download the report as a PDF by clicking Export PDF.


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