Brisbane’s Leading Accounting firm for Hospitality Venues and Retail
Evisory specialises in helping businesses grow smarter, stronger, and safer by harnessing the power of technology. They offer:
  • Full Accounting and Management Solution: Evisory possesses in-depth knowledge of revenue management, cost control, and inventory management, along with industry-specific accounting software to accurately track and analyze financial data.
  • Experienced Leadership: At the helm of Evisory is Linda Dang, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Growth, Management, and Financial Advisory. With over a decade of experience in accounting and bookkeeping, Linda is passionate about assisting small and medium-sized businesses in making informed decisions about financial and administrative affairs through data and technology.
  • Strategic Financial Advisory: Evisory plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial success and sustainability of your business, helping you make informed decisions and effectively navigate the ever-changing landscape of the industry.
  • Technology and Cybersecurity Partnerships: Evisory has partnered with leading technology and cybersecurity companies to deploy solutions that enhance the safety and efficiency of your business. These collaborations help reduce administrative burdens, save time and money, and ensure your business remains secure in the digital age.
  • Transparent Pricing: Evisory offers tiered pricing options that provide cost certainty based on the size of your business. This ensures you know what their services will cost every week, providing excellent value without unexpected expenses.

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