HR Coach Australasia [HR Consulting]

HR Coach Australasia

Unlocking Business Potential through HR Excellence:
HR Coach is dedicated to empowering businesses by offering a range of services designed to enhance human resources(HR) excellence and foster meaningful connections between people and business strategy. Hr Coaches offers:
  • Strategic HR Solutions: HR Coach provides businesses with strategic HR solutions that align people and business strategy to drive growth and profitability. Their Strategic Action Model™ offers a pragmatic and operationally focused framework that helps companies understand the link between strategy and action, allowing for effective planning and improvement.
  • National HR Framework: The National Standard Human Resource Framework, NS HRF 101:2010, developed by HR Coach, offers a balanced approach to human resources, minimising risk and maximising sustainability. This framework ensures that your HR practices are in compliance with industry standards and best practices.
  • Research-Backed Tools: HR Coach's extensive research into the Australian market has led to the creation of a toolkit of solutions that enables their coaches to deliver practical, timely, and effective HR solutions. These tools are designed to help businesses streamline their HR processes and drive growth.
  • Business Growth Support: HR Coach understands that running a business is a complex endeavor. They offer support and guidance to help you leverage your existing skills and knowledge, allowing you to transform your business into a commercially sustainable venture. HR Coach's approach is not a franchise; it's a licensing arrangement that preserves your autonomy while providing access to their tools and expertise.
  • Expert Training: HR Coach offers executive training and support to enhance your HR capabilities and ensure you're up to date with the latest industry trends and practices. Their team of experienced professionals is on hand to provide guidance and insights to help you navigate the HR landscape successfully.
  • Community and Collaboration: Join a community of like-minded businesses and HR professionals, where you can collaborate, share experiences, and learn from peers. HR Coach's support network ensures that you're never alone on your journey, allowing you to tap into a wealth of collective knowledge.



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