SuperPath LMS Integration

SuperPath a modern learning platform to upskill and grow employees faster.

SuperPath offers a streamlined and comprehensive learning platform designed to enhance employee development and organisational growth efficiently. It simplifies the creation and management of learning pathways for various purposes, including onboarding, compliance, and upskilling, alongside career roadmaps to guide employee progression.

The platform's ability to track diverse learning events, coupled with its quiz and survey tools, supports the validation of learning outcomes and skill acquisition. Its AI capability helps make the creation of engaging and relevant content quick and easy.


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Some of the key features that SuperPath offers:

  • Tailored Learning Pathways
  • Career Roadmap Development
  • The easiest learning pathway builder on the market
  • Comprehensive Learning Event Tracking
  • Skills-Based Learning Emphasis
  • Simplification of Onboarding and Compliance
  • Facilitates Leadership Development

In this article, we will cover:

  • How SuperPath benefits your business
  • Connecting SuperPath to your platform
  • FAQs

  For more information on SuperPath and their offering including a free product demo, email us at to introduce you to the team!

How SuperPath benefits your business

If you're looking for a powerful modern learning platform tool to help upskill and grow your employees faster, then SuperPath may be a great tool for your business.

How the integration will work

After connecting foundU and SuperPath, your users will be synced into SuperPath. Additionally, you will have the option to enable automatic sync of new staff into SuperPath.

You can assign training based on your SuperPath and foundU setup. For instance, you can assign training based on tags, position location, employment type, and so on. When training is completed, it will be synced back into foundU, and you can also tag staff in foundU based on skills acquired in SuperPath.

Benefits of SuperPath

SuperPath empowers you to track every learning moment across your organisation. From a simple micro-learning to a full career pathway, SuperPath makes it simple to build, track and manage learning and career development. It offers:

  • Tailored Learning Pathways: SuperPath enables organisations to create custom learning pathways for onboarding, compliance, and upskilling, ensuring employees have clear and structured development plans.
  • Career Roadmap Development: The platform facilitates strategic planning of employee career progression, aligning individual goals with organisational objectives.
  • The easiest learning pathway builder on the market: Empower your managers to build beautiful learning, onboarding and compliance pathways in minutes. A huge library of high-quality images built in, plus an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor means any type of content can be created and assigned in minutes to individuals and whole teams.
  • Comprehensive Learning Event Tracking: From external training to mentoring sessions, SuperPath tracks various learning events, ensuring a holistic approach to skills development and learning validation.
  • Skills-Based Learning Emphasis: Employees can gain and demonstrate new skills from every learning experience, with SuperPath’s system ensuring no learning moment is missed.
  • Simplification of Onboarding and Compliance: The platform streamlines the onboarding process and ensures effective compliance training, reducing administrative burdens and improving learning outcomes.
  • Facilitates Leadership Development: By offering content and tools for leadership development, SuperPath supports cultivating leadership skills within teams, preparing employees for future growth opportunities.

  If you would like to see the above key features and an overview of SuperPath, then watch the below video or check out SuperPath's website!

Connecting SuperPath to your platform

Once you have an active account with SuperPath and are ready to use its features, you'll need to follow the easy steps below to configure your initial Integration.

  You can choose to follow the steps in our Initial Integration video below or use the steps we have detailed below the video.


Connecting SuperPath to foundU

To set up your initial integration:

  1. First, ensure you are logged in to both your foundU and SuperPath platforms.
  2. Navigate to Settings and select the Integrations tab this is where you will see foundU. Hover over the foundU tile and select View details.

    SuperPath integration page.png
  3. You will see the available options you can use with your foundU x SuperPath integration, select Connect foundU to continue. 

    Connect to foundU page 1.png
  4. Depending on your configuration in foundU you will be able to toggle on/off the following options:
    • Keep your people records in sync: Keep employee records in sync. When you update an employee in foundU it will update the employee details in SuperPath. This includes name, team and manager (Recommended).
    • Auto invite users: Automatically invite employees to SuperPath when a new employee is created in foundU. If this is not selected you will have to invite your users manually.
    • Use foundU tags as teams (from specific tag group): Each foundU tag from the specified tag group will be added as a team in SuperPath.
    • Use foundU employment type as team: The employment type will be used as the employee's team (e.g. Casual).
    • Use foundU position locations as teams: The location will be used as the employee's team (e.g. Sydney).
    • Add completed qualifications to the employee record: When a person completes learning or earns a certificate that matches a qualification in foundU it will add this credential to the employee record.
    • Add earned skills to employee tags: When a person earns skills through completing learnings these skills will be added to the employee tags in foundU.
  5. Enter your Company Domain (this is your foundU platform subdomain e.g. camden-demo. You do not need to add then select Connect foundU.

    Connect to foundU page.png

      Please note: You will only need to enter a Tag Group ID if you have enabled the 'Use foundU tags as teams (from specific tag group)' setting. The Tag Group ID can be found in your foundU platform. 
  6. You will be taken to an authorisation screen to confirm that you want to connect foundU and SuperPath. Select the 'I have permission to integrate this app into foundU' tick box then select Continue Integration.

    Integration authorisation window.png
  7. Once authorised you will be taken back to the SuperPath Integrations page. A green tick will display against foundU letting you know that your foundU platform has successfully been integrated.

    Integration complete.png

  If you require assistance with setting up the initial integration between foundU and SuperPath, please reach out to for further help.


Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about the SuperPath x foundU Integration. Check back here for more relevant questions in the future.

How frequently is the user sync between foundU and SuperPath?

The user syncs every 10 minutes. 

How frequently are completed learning records and assigned skills in SuperPath added to a user's profile in foundU?

Qualifications and skills are added in realtime, a refresh should see them visible in the staff member's foundU profile.

How long will it take once a staff member has completed training for it to show in foundU?

It will show immediately, however, you may need to refresh your browser.

How long does it take to set up SuperPath?

It will take no longer than 1 hour to set up the platform initially with foundU integration, branding and other configuration. This will also include uploading any content that you have. The SuperPath team are also available to support that process.