Restoke - Restaurant Management Software

Restoke - Empowering your Hospitality Business 

Restoke is a tool specifically built for modern hospitality businesses to help them manage their back-of-house processes.

Restoke empowers hospitality business owners to make informed decisions in real-time, improving their bottom line and unlocking their business's full potential.


This restaurant management system not only takes care of the day-to-day for managers, but it also empowers staff to know what they need to do and when! Restoke benefits your business in many ways including:

  • AI-powered food and recipe costing, so you always know your margins
  • Live inventory and stock management tracking
  • Simple one-click ordering from suppliers 
  • Procedures and preps to help manage your team
  • Integrations for POS, accounting, rostering and more

  To learn more about Restoke and see a demo of the software, check out  Stoking the Fire- foundU & Restoke Integration On-demand webinar. This can be viewed at any time, simply register your details to watch.

In this article, we will cover:

  • How Restoke can benefit and optimise your hospitality business.
  • Connecting foundU and Restoke- the Initial Integration.
  • Syncing new employees from foundU to Restoke.
  • FAQs for the Restoke - foundU integration.

  We would love to introduce you to the Restoke team for a free demonstration of the product and the integration! Please fill in the relevant details in the Restoke enquiry form.

How Restoke can benefit your business 

Save countless hours and brainpower with everything you need to streamline your restaurant, including: 

  • Live Food costing
    • Always know your food costs and get alerts when stock prices go up.
    • As a result, always be in control of your margins.
  • Automate your food orders
    • Never miss an order again by scheduling and automating your regular orders.
    • Restoke will send orders directly to your suppliers.

  • Team Management
    • Automate any standard process including food prep, cleaning, training module, and opening and closing procedures.
    • Assign these tasks and lists automatically at the relevant time of day.
    • Managers can review and see the results of team task lists in real time.
  • Manage your inventory
    • Receive invoices directly into Restoke.
    • Scan and store invoices to pay your bills with direct accounting integrations.

  Learn more about this valuable Restaurant management tool in this short video from Restoke.

How does the foundU - Restoke Integration work?

The integration will pull your employee data, operation data, and wage expectations from Approve Shifts. The process will go as follows:

  • Easily connect your foundU platform and Restoke yourself from within your Restoke platform.
  • Your wage data will begin to sync (data syncs hourly).
  • Onboard your team to Restoke via 'My Team' including setting their Restoke permission levels.
  • View Wage Data on your Restoke Dashboard.
  • Your team can view relevant procedures, prep lists, tasks and much more on the Restoke Dashboard.

Restoke enquiry form & free demo

  We would love to introduce you to the Restoke team for a free demonstration of the product and the integration! Please fill in the relevant details in the Restoke enquiry form.

Connecting Restoke to foundU

Once you have an active subscription with Restoke and are ready to start using its features, you'll need to follow the easy steps below to configure your initial Integration.

  You can choose to follow the steps in our Initial Integration video below or use the steps we have detailed below the video.

Connecting foundU and Restoke

To setup your initial integration:

  1. Please ensure you are logged in to both your foundU and Restoke Platforms.
  2. Within Restoke, navigate to Settings and scroll down to Integrations.

  3. Locate foundU under HR Platform and Press the foundU button to enter.
  4. In the following field, enter your platform subdomain e.g. camden-demo (You do not need to include the and Connect.
  5. Confirm your permission to connect foundU and Restoke on the authorisation screen and press Continue integration.

  6. Once authorised you will be taken back to Restoke where the foundU button will now show as connected.

After the initial integration, Restoke will sync data with foundU hourly. This will allow you to compare your wage data (pulled from approved shifts) against your sale data at hourly intervals.

Syncing employees in foundU to Restoke

From time to time, you'll need to sync your new employees in foundU so they are accessible to you in Restoke. This is done by matching the user profiles for staff across both systems.

Please note this step is performed after the Initial Integration between the 2 systems. If you have not yet done this, please use the instructions above.

  You can choose to follow the steps in our Syncing employees with Restoke & foundU video below or use the steps we have detailed below the video.

Syncing foundU and Restoke

To sync employees in foundU to Restoke:

  1. Navigate to My Team in Restoke, this shows a list of all current users with their access levels within Restoke.
  2. Navigate to More Info on the right-hand side, select your foundU Operation (venue/restaurant) that you would like to import staff from, and select View.
  3. From the list of Unmatched Users, you'll be able to:
    • Invite or Bulk Invite team members to join.
    • Match the user profile in foundU to the user profile in Restoke if the staff member already exists in both systems.
  4. Select the Restoke access levels from the drop-down box for each employee you are inviting.

Employees will be sent an invite and will now be synced or added to Restoke. Your employees will now be able to access all of the features of Restoke including viewing prep lists, ordering forms, tasks etc. depending on their access level.

Restoke FAQs

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about the Restoke - foundU Integration. Check back here for more relevant questions in the future.

How long does it take to set up Restoke?

Once you have decided to integrate with Restoke, the complete setup should take 1-2 weeks, this process can be even quicker if you have all of your resources ready.

What happens when an employee is archived or terminated in foundU? Will they still have access to my business in Restoke?

When employees leave your business you'll need to deactivate them in Restoke as well. This is done via My Team.

For employees who were never fully onboarded (such as declined employees) they will not show as options to bring across in My Team.

If I have multiple venues and have a Restoke platform for each venue, how do I ensure only the wage data from that venue (operation in foundU) flows into Restoke?

Once you've connected the integration, when you navigate to MyTeam in Restoke it will prompt you to select a foundU Operation. This will drive both the user sync and import of wage data, only pulling from the selected operation.

Repeat this process in each Restoke platform to ensure the wages from each venue are flowing to the correct platform.

Do the labour costs in Restoke include superannuation, workover costs and payg?

No, the labour cost feed to Restoke is based on approved shifts, which includes wages, overtime and shift allowances.

What are the contact details so that I can get some assistance with my Restoke platform?

You can reach the helpful Restoke Support team at: