Tribal Habits

Tribal Habits is an all-in-one Australian LMS that allows you to create engaging online training on any topic! We have added this integration as part of our recent suite of Partner Integrations.


Tribal habits is an easy-to-use LMS technology that gives customers the tools to build their own learning content through the ability to:

  • Create training content through a guided easy-to-follow process.
  • Choose from 100s of ready-made modules that are branded and editable.
  • Enrol employees in courses through an easy enrolment procedure and powerful automation.
  • Use video, social learning and interactive elements to inspire learners to make real change.

Tribal Habits provides learning data and detailed reporting on all of the above! In addition, this LMS tracks other learning outcomes and contributions so this knowledge can be shared within teams and create a culture of learning within your business.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. The advantages that Tribal Habits can bring to your company and how to schedule a product demo.
  2. How the Tribal Habits Integration is set up.
  3. FAQs for the Tribal Habits - foundU integration.

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How Tribal Habits can benefit your business

Tribal Habits will be the LMS for your business if you're looking to build your own branded course content or select from 100s of editable courses. Tribal Habits allows you to create your own world-class, branded training, providing the same powerful functionality as dedicated authoring tools at a fraction of the time and expertise typically needed.

Additionally, you'll only pay for staff when they actually access training.

  Watch this short gif to see a short preview of the integration below, please note this video has no sound.

Integration with the Tribal Habits LMS can assist your business with:

  • Create course content 
    • Create interactive online training
    • Easy-to-use interface to build courses

  • Learn
    • Learn with a modern experience
    • Brand your courses with your logo
  • Choose from a Library of ready-made courses
    • Use ready-made courses from the library 
    • Edit courses to align with your business

  • Blended
    • Create blended courses with offline tasks
    • Include quizzes, free text questions, webinars and videos in your content
  • Integrate
    • Integrate with other platforms including foundU
  • Manage and Report
    • Automate enrolment in courses based on role, location etc.
    • Report on all learning data


Interested in a Free Demo of the Product? Get in touch and register your details here!

How will the foundU- Tribal Habits integration work?

The Tribal Habits - foundU integration is a managed integration meaning that once the initial setup is complete, there will be little to no management for the end user.  

  Our Partners Tribal Habits have mapped out the process here in this specific Help article that maps out the Integration.

What is the Integration process?

The Tribal Habits support team will assist in each step of the process below to make the integration setup a fast and easy process! Once you have filled in the Request for a Demo form and decided to go ahead with starting your Tribal Habits integration- the process will follow as below.

From start to finish your integration can be up and running in a few days!

What the process looks like:

  1. After your initial demo, Tribal Habits will host a kick-off call with your business to discuss your integration. This will determine your preferences for:
    • User login preferences,
    • Data fields you would like to sync between foundU-Tribal habits
    • SSO requirements
  2. Tribal Habits will then prepare your Integration - which typically takes a few days
  3. Set up call for final authorisation and integration test.
  4. Go-Live!- Once testing is complete, your integration is Live and Tribal Habits will monitor your integration for the first few weeks to ensure it's all working as intended or to fine-tune any requirements. Your integration is then all set!

  Should you need assistance with Tribal Habits, contact their helpful support team by email at or via the In-app chat.

Tribal Habits FAQs

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about the Tribal Habits - foundU Integration. Check back here for more relevant questions in the future. 

How long does it take to set up Tribal Habits?

After the initial Kick-off call, your Integration should be set up in a few day's time!

How can I make Tribal habits more accessible for my employees to access?

We would suggest adding your Tribal Habits login URL to the Employee App using the Resources feature in foundU. This will eliminate the hassle of sifting through numerous emails by providing your team with swift access to Tribal Habits within the Employee App.

Can courses hosted in Tribal Habits be used in my foundU onboarding?

Whilst Tribal Habits courses cannot be directly embedded into your onboarding, you can highlight to your team to expect an email from Tribal Habits to access their role specific training. We recommend that your employees complete Onboarding, and then complete their inductions once they are fully onboarded.

How often will my integration sync? I'd like to know how quickly I can see completion results for my Team and new users added to Tribal Habits.

This integration populates Tribal Habits with new and updated users from foundU every two hours, allowing for almost real-time user sync. Each time your data syncs, you can expect to see changes in your Tribal Habits system including:

  • New users are created in Tribal Habits

  • Updated users are updated in Tribal Habits

  • User data is populated (e.g. job title, location)

  • Manager data is populated (including email)

  • Deactivated users are deactivated in Tribal Habits

Do completion certificates push across to foundU?

Yes. A completion certificate will populate as a qualification on the employee's profile when they successfully complete the training. 

Tribal habits admins and managers can sign up to get monthly Training reports on your team's learning goals and deadlines. This report will include courses overdue, recently expired, due soon and expiring soon. If you wish to receive these reports, please configure them in your Tribal Habits portal.

Can my employees complete a course in the Onboarding process?

After the initial Kick-off call, your Integration should be set up in a few day's time!

What happens when a staff member is archived or declined in foundU?

The employee will also be activated in Tribal Habits, your integration syncs every 2 hours to keep your employee data clean and current!