Prosper EX

Prosper EX is a Culture and Employee Engagement Platform. The Prosper EX platform helps increase productivity and reduce staff turnover by offering valuable data and insights into what is going well within the business and areas to improve. 


Prosper EX’s easy-to-use technology gives customers the tools to build high-performing teams through:

  • Skills and Capability mapping
  • Engagement Surveys,
  • Performance Management,
  • Employee Development.

You can gain data-driven insights on what’s working in your business from the tools listed above and replicate them.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. How Prosper EX can benefit your business and book your demo of the product
  2. Connecting foundU to Prosper EX and syncing your data
  3. Adding details of your newly onboarded employees in foundU to Prosper EX

If you want to learn more, check out the video below to see a demo of the different features and benefits that Prosper EX can provide! There is another video further on in the article that will take you through setting up the initial integration as well.

How Prosper EX can benefit your business

If you're looking for an Employee Engagement tool to help boost performance, engage your items and retain talent, then Prosper EX may be a great tool for your business. Integrate your employee information to flow from foundU into Prosper EX to optimise employee engagement and development in your business.

An integration with Prosper EX can assist your business with:

  • Employee Engagement
    • Understand your people
    • Predict turnover
    • Drive change 
  • Employee Development
    • Empower your people
    • Map skill gaps
    • Upskill and motivate
  • Performance Management
    • Effective 1:1's
    • Build and track employee goals
    • Deliver Impactful reviews

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Connect Prosper EX to foundU

Once you are ready to set up your integration with Prosper EX and begin using its features, you'll need to follow the easy steps below to begin.

You can choose to follow the steps in our Initial Integration video below, or use the steps we have detailed below the video.

To set up the initial integration with Prosper EX:

  1. Log into your foundU and Prosper EX platforms.
  2. Select the foundU tab when in the Management dashboard on Prosper EX.
  3. Enter foundU platform URL >  Initiate Integration.

  4. Accept Permissions by ticking the box, and pressing Continue Integration.

  5. Sync mapping configuration to 'team' and 'location' - this influences surveys sent out and reporting through Prosper EX.
    • Teams - two options:
      • Tags to map teams e.g. Sales, Marketing etc. - tag would need to be created and applied to staff profiles in foundU or
      • Employment type to map teams e.g. FT, PT, Casual - pulled from foundU
    • Location - two options:
      • Position to map location e.g. Sydney, Brisbane etc. - based on primary position, or position with the earliest start date for casuals or
      • Office Code to map location e.g. Venue 1, Venue 2 etc. - pulled from foundU

  6. Trigger Full Sync - hourly sync automatically plus the ability to manually trigger a full sync.
  7. The integration to Prosper EX is all set now, you can start using your data within the Prosper EX platform.

Should you need assistance with Prosper EX, contact their helpful support team at 1300 529 909 or email


Prosper EX FAQs

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about the Prosper EX - foundU Integration. Check back here for more relevant questions in the future.

How long does it take to set up Prosper EX?

Once you have decided to integrate with Prosper EX, the complete setup should take 1-4 weeks.

What happens when an employee is archived or declined in foundU?

The employee will also be deactivated in Prosper EX, keeping your employee data clean and current!