Suspend an employee profile

You may have a situation where an employee cannot be rostered for a period on your platform.

Your platform gives you the option to suspend an Employee Profile which prompts you to action any upcoming shifts or jobs and stops the employee from showing in the roster or being added to new jobs.

An example of this might be if an employee requires a licence/qualification for their role and this has expired, the employee cannot be rostered until this licence/qualification has been renewed or if an employee is being performance managed and isn't able to be rostered until mediation.

In this article we will cover:

  • Enabling the Suspend toggle for your employees
  • How an employee's suspension can be viewed in your platform and ending a suspension
  • Filtering to see employees that have the Suspend toggle enabled

  This toggle is permission-based. Admins will need to have the 'Manage Employee Status' setting enabled in their Permission settings to be able to see this toggle.

See more on Permissions here

Enabling the Suspend toggle

Suspending an employee is done on a singular basis and must be done in the Employee Profile. 

To enable the Suspend toggle:

  1. In the quick menu navigate to People > Approved People or search the employee via the search menu.
  2. Locate the desired employee to go into their profile.
  3. Enable the 'Employment Suspended' toggle.

  4. If the employee has any upcoming rostered shifts you will be asked what you would like to do with them. You will have the following options:
    • Delete shifts attached to the employee - this option will delete all shifts on all rosters for the employee.
    • Keep the shifts and remove the employee from the shifts - this option will remove the employee from the shifts but will keep the shifts on the roster. The shifts will be errored (as no employee will be assigned), providing you with the opportunity to reassign these shifts to someone else.

  5. Select 'Suspend Employee'.

If you use Jobs and the employee has an upcoming Job or is attached to an ongoing job, you will be shown the following alert:

Active/future job found for this employee. Please close the jobs before suspending employee”.

You will then be shown the active jobs and/or any future jobs that the employee is assigned. These will need to be actioned before you can continue suspending the Employee Profile. 

  You can action the employee's job from this page by selecting '(view job)'. 

Viewing an employee's suspension and ending a suspension

Once you have enabled the 'Employment Suspended' toggle for the relevant employees, you will now see a black badge against the employee in People > Approve People. This will allow other people in your business to see that the employee is suspended, similar to the Restricted or WorkCover badges. 

  Hover over the badge to see the 'Employment Suspended' label. 

A black 'Suspended' badge will also display in the Employee Profile. 

When an employee is on suspension:

  • The employee is not able to be rostered or added to any jobs - they will no longer display in the 'Add Employee' list on the roster or as 'Available' for any jobs until the toggle is disabled. 
  • The employee can still be paid and have a manual payslip created.
  • The employee can still apply for leave.

To reverse or end an employee's suspension

Once an employee has reached the end of their suspension and you would like to reverse the process, simply turn off the toggle.

  • The employee will now appear on the relevant rosters
  • The employee will have no work restrictions
  • The black badge will be removed from the employee's profile
Filtering your Suspended employees

You may want to see how many people you have on suspension to manage their profiles. You are able to filter your suspended employees in People > Approved People

To filter your suspended employees:

  1. Navigate to People > Approved People.
  2. Select 'Show Filter' then select 'Employment Suspended' in the 'Additional Filter' drop-down. 
  3. Select 'Apply Filter'.

You will now have a list of your suspended employees. 

If you would like to export this list you will need to select Bulk Actions > Export All Filtered. For more information on People Exports please see here

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