Employment Date Report (Casual Conversion)

Casual conversion reporting

If your business is gathering data to have the casual conversion conversation with your casual staff, you may need data on the below:

  • A regular notification to the manager to let them know of the work anniversary.
  • Casual employees who have worked for your business over 12 months.
  • Rostered total hours per week.
Turning on employee work anniversary notifications for Managers
As employees reach their 12 month work anniversary at different times, you may like to turn on notifications for your managers to receive an email when the work anniversary arrives (this is located in communication content).

To do so:

  1. Navigate to the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Communication > communication content locate template 151 Significant Anniversary notification.
  2. When enabled it will send a message to the manager when an employee reaches their work anniversary, please note this notification will come through for all employees (not just those who are casuals). If you'd like to customise the message you can also edit the message template that goes out.
    • Tip: If your work anniversaries aren't set up and you want to have one for each year e.g. 1 year, or 12 months or other anniversaries you may like to take a moment to set this up. 
    • In the example below the manager will receive a Anniversary notification for employees who reach their 12 month anniversary.


2 key reports for Casual conversion reporting

To assist there are 2 key reports that you can run:

  1.  Approved person export which will allow you to report on the casual employees and their employment start dates
    • This report can be run via People > Approved People> Show filter, filter by employee status 'Casual', if you have a lot of Casuals ensure you select how many you see on the page.

    • Then select all your casuals > export and select your data columns for example Full time, Position, Manager, Casual Start Date (this is the date of when an employees casual position started), Employment Start Date (this is the date when an employee started with your business), it can differ from Casual start date where an employee changed positions e.g. perm to casual) and a CSV file will then Export.
      • In excel you can determine which Casuals have been longer than 12 months based on the Employment date e.g. Employment in years months etc.
      • In our example below we can also see Belinda Love who has a casual start date that is different to the employment start date, this is because Belinda worked in a part time role and went to a casual position in 2017.

      • Please note the Employment years (blue writing) was an extra column added manually in Excel with a excel formula used for the calculation.

      • Below is another example of the data export, the Employment in months (second blue column) was an extra column added manually with a excel formula for the calculation for our example.

  2. Labour management report which will pull in shift data by date, day and times
    • Once you have the list of employees you may like to then use the Labour Management Report to report on additional information such as shift data by date, day and times.
    • Below is an example for Hayley, the Labour management report is grouped by Operation (as this employee could work at multiple locations), Position ID Employee ID, Date, Day, times and filtered by Hayley.

When I run my report for my casuals I have some blanks for my Employment Start Date, why?
  • This is because you do not have a start date in the Employees profile > Overview Page > Check the Employment Start date.
  • If you have not input this date, you'll need to update it. 

  • This may mean that you'll first need to locate the employees start date. For example this information would normally be found on a contract. If using document builder you'll be able to see the start date on the employees signed contract located in Employee profile > Documents icon > Documents tab. Please note you will need to find the dates for employees individually if you store documents here.
  • To update a position start date: You'll navigate to an Employees profile > Employee Card> locate the casual position> it would say ongoing and edit the position add in the start date and save.

When I'm using the report for calculating 12 months for employees which do I use the Employment date or the Casual employment date?

According to the legislation you'll use the employment date. This is the date when an employee started with your business.

Rather than the Casual Start Date, which is when an employee started their casual position. 

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