Adding shifts and adding allowances in Approve Shifts

Adding a shift or an allowance in Approve shifts

It is helpful to be able to add unplanned occurrences in Approve shifts so that these items can flow through to Pay.

For example:

  • An employee may be entitled to an allowance that they were not rostered for (i.e. a vehicle allowance).
  • Or an employee may work on a day that they were not rostered (and did not clock for). In this case it is handy to add that shift directly into Approve Shifts. 
Adding a shift in Approve Shifts

There will be cases where you may want to add a shift directly into Approve Shifts.

You should only need to do this if:

  • The employee wasn't on the roster.
  • The employee didn't clock on.

Before you add a shift onto the roster, be sure to check the 'Unassigned section' at the top of the roster Approval sections. As, even if an employee wasn't on the roster, if they clocked in, their time would flow through to unassigned.

To add a shift into Approve shifts:

  1. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the specific roster.
  2. Enter all the shift details including shift times, break duration, employee's position and name, as well as any allowances or comments onto the shift that may be necessary.
  3. Select Create Shift (to approve later) or Save & Approve Shift.


You will then see the shift appear with your other shifts and the employee will be paid.


Adding an allowance in Approve shifts

If you need to add an Allowance in Approve Shifts you can do this easily by using the edit icon.

  1. Select the edit icon.
  2. Select the Allowances Tab.
  3. From the drop down choose the New Allowance and assign the Quantity.
  4. To finish select Add allowance.

  5. In the review screen, select the green ticks for all items you would like to approve, please note this can be hours worked and the allowance.

  6. To check the allowance has been applied properly, you will see and allowance icon (coin in had) under the 'Additional column' on the shift. (see below).
    This allowance will now be paid with the hours worked. 


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