Setting new/ additional position as the Primary position (Permanent only)

Setting an additional position as the primary position

When you have permanent employees that work multiple positions, you may want to set a certain position as their primary position.

There are 2 ways to make a position primary:

  1. When you Add a new position to an employee's profile the new position will be set as a primary position by default.
  2. When you Edit the existing position and choose a new position, the system will create this chosen position as the new primary. 
    1. If the new position selected is already an additional position for that employee then you'll need to make a choice. A prompt will ask you how you would like to manage the existing primary position.
    2. You can choose to either keep the existing primary position (now as an additional position) or you can end the existing position.

In our example, Mateo works a Permanent Assistant Store Manager (current primary position) and sometimes on weekends he works as a casual Store Manager (this is his additional position).

Add a new position and make the new position primary

To add a new position:

  1. Navigate to the Employee profile and select the Employee Card icon > and click on the Employment type tab to view the position details.
  2. Select the button Add New Position.
  3. Enter the Employment type (full time/ part time). Then click Continue. In Mateo's example, his new role is a now a full time Store Manager.
  4. Fill in the new position details including Location, select the new Position from the dropdown box, this will auto-populate the rate and add a Cost code where applicable.
  5. Enter the Position Start date. 

  6. Click Add and Review. If you are happy with the changes made, select Continue.
  7. Add in the Work pattern details

  8. In the Review screen, you'll need to choose what happens with the existing primary position (this is only the case for Mateo because he has an existing additional position). In Mateo's case is Assistant Store Manager role, we will select no to changing the existing primary position. And save.

    • If you also have other issues that needed to be resolved for example if you have entitlements or upcoming future shifts, you'll need to resolve how you would like to manage these first. E.g., Remove entitlement, update future positions to the new position. 
  9. We can now see that Mateo's new Store Manager role is listed as the primary role and that his old role has been ended as per his employee history.

  10. Mateo's Employment History

If you choose to change the existing primary position to an additional position:

If however in Mateo's example we choose to keep the existing Assistant Manager position, we would select Yes in the review.

Then we would see the existing role in the Additional position.

Edit the existing position and choose a new position 
You can also use the pencil edit icon to edit an existing position. If you select to update the position this will be significant change and the platform will replace the existing position with the updated position. For more information check out our guide here.
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