Currently in review in STP Finalisation - STP 1

STP submission with message 'Currently in review in STP Finalisation'

When you mark an employee as terminated, a Single Touch Payroll (STP) event is created.

If an employee is terminated close to the end of the financial year, you will see an option called 'Currently in Review in STP Finalisation' in Pay > STP Submissions that will take you to the Review tab on the STP Finalisation page.

Before you can submit all your STP Submissions, you will need to first resolve the newly terminated employee/s.

  Please note: All your STP Submissions will be 'locked' until you resolve the above.

To resolve this you'll have two options:

  1. Reconcile the terminated employees' information in review first and push the data through to the finalisation step.
  2. Or, you can delete the STP submission for the terminated employee and then reconcile all your employees in one go (the deleted STP submission will push the terminated employee back into pending the STP finalisation process).
Resolving the employee in Review in STP Finalisation first

Below are the steps for resolving the 'Employee in Review in STP Finalisation'.

Reconcile the terminated employee's information first approach:

  1. Reconcile the terminated employees' information in review first. This involves navigating to Pay > STP > STP Finalisation > Review tab and reviewing the data by clicking on the CSV button to see the Single Touch Payroll Line Item report for this employee.


  2. Once reconciled, select the declaration and the employees' details will now display in the finalised tab.


  3. Then you will be able to submit the rest of your STP submissions that are pending.

Deleting the STP submission sitting in STP Require action tab:

  1. The alternative approach, if you prefer to reconcile all your employees' data in one go is to delete the STP submission for the terminated employee.
  2. A good way to double check is to view the date Last Updated (as you won't be able to see a View details button). Select the delete button on the right.

  3. This will then move the employees' data from the review tab in STP finalisation to the pending tab and you can then submit all outstanding STP submissions and start finalising all your employee data in STP finalisation in the pending tab.
Submit all your Single Touch Payroll Submissions
You're now ready to submit all your STP Submissions.
Finalising your EOFY STP
Once you have processed your final pay for the financial year, submitted all STP Submissions and completed your reconciliation, you're ready to finalise your EOFY STP.