JobMaker Eligibility within foundU

JobMaker Hiring Scheme

The JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme is an incentive for businesses to employ additional young job seekers aged 16–35 years. To help you track and manage this, you can now easily nominate JobMaker employees and report on eligible employees in your foundU platform.

Before doing this, it is important to ensure you check their eligibility.

JobMaker Eligibility

You will first need to determine if your Employee is Eligible and if your business is an eligible employer.

If your business is eligible, to manage JobMaker in foundU, you will use these 2 steps:

  1. Nominate eligible employees for JobMaker against their profile.
  2. Produce a JobMaker eligibility report for the relevant payment claim periods.


Some notes before we begin:

  • You need to ensure that your employees match all criteria that make them JobMaker eligible and have completed the appropriate JobMaker Hiring Credit employee notice.
Step 1: Marking employees as eligible in the Employee's profile

Marking employee eligibility is an easy process, however if you will not be using JobMaker at all in your business and within your foundU platform, you may wish to not see the JobMaker eligibility toggle on your employee's profiles. If so, please contact our support team and we can remove this toggle from view in your employee's profiles.

Marking an employee as an eligible JobMaker:

To begin you will need to mark the employee as eligible. You will only be able to do this 2 times maximum to an individual employee. This is an ATO restriction.

To do so:

  1. Assess which employee you would like to make eligible and ensure you have checked they meet the criteria.
  2. Navigate to the Employee's profile> Overview.
  3. Toggle on the 'Eligible JobMaker' toggle.
  4. Status will turn to show 'Nominated' or 're-nominated' if this is the second time the toggle has been turned on for this employee.

By turning on this toggle, it sends an STP code to the ATO, this is used to process the JobMaker for your business.


You will be notified by a pop-up box if the employee in ineligible due to age (over 35 years in age), ineligible employment start date, no TFN for an employee (see below).



If you are unable to select the toggle, this indicates the employee has been nominated too many times or is ineligible for any of the above listed reasons.


If a JobMaker toggle is turned on by mistake

Each time a JobMaker toggle is turned on it creates a unique STP code with the ATO. Therefore if you have turned on a toggle by mistake, do not delete the STP! The renomination STP is different and ATO won’t accept renomination without a record of the initial nomination.

If you have turned this on by mistake, you will need to :

  1. Submit the STP as normal.
  2. The navigate to the Employee's profile and turn off the Job Maker toggle.

The next pay event will submit the cancellation of this JobMaker STP event.

If you have turned off a JobMaker toggle or deleted the STP event was created as a result. Please contact foundU Support ( so that we can revert the employee's status. 

Step 2: Using the JobMaker Eligibility report

Once you have nominated the employees for the JobMaker period, at the end of your period, you will use the JobMaker Report. 

To use the JobMaker Eligibility Report:

  1. Navigate to Reports> Workforce Reports> JobMaker Eligibility Report.
  2. Select the current 'JobMaker Claim period' from the drop-down box. This is the period you wish to claim for.
  3. *STP submissions need to be made 3 days prior to the end of the claim period - I.e. As claim period 1 ends on April 30th, it would be a cut off of 27th April as the ATO requires 3 days to process the data on their end.
  4. The report will show you the average amount that employee has worked in the 'Average hours in Period' column.  Use the tick boxes to select which employees have worked an average of 20 hours or more in the JobMaker period."
  5. Then use the 'Mark as' button to mark the selected employees as either eligible once you have ensured that the employee has met all of the eligibility criteria.


  1. This will bring up a box ensuring that you would like to trigger the STP event for the selected employees. Select Confirm to proceed. 


  2. You will then be notified of a successful claim.  An STP packet will create for you to submit to the ATO for JobMaker claim.
  3. From this report, you can also Export to PDF or CSV.



Once a JobMaker Claim period has passed, you will only be able to select the past periods to view. 

JobMaker FAQ's
Here are some frequently asked questions that may assist in your JobMaker process within foundU.

1. Can I apply JobMaker eligibility to my employees in Bulk?  

A: Unfortunately no, as there are many criteria that an employee must meet in order to be eligible for a JobMaker hiring Credit, you will be unable to apply the eligibility in bulk.'

2. Why is there a limit to how many times I can turn on the JobMaker eligibility toggle?  

A: This is an ATO restriction for JobMaker, an employee can only be nominated, cancelled and renominated once. Each of these actions creates a unique STP code at the ATO. Please ensure your employee has met the criteria and you are ready to nominate them when you action this toggle in their profile.
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