Using Wageflo- Our Wages on-demand feature

Using Wageflo

Wageflo allows your employees to access the wages they have earned early, allowing employees to meet life's financial demands on their terms. Once you approve their shift, they can access their pay via their foundU app.

Employees can access up to 80% of their wage payments early and best of all these are funded by foundU, and paid directly to your employee within 15 seconds of submission. When your normal pay day comes around, your payroll process does not change - simply generate and upload your ABA as normal. The ABA file will include a recoupment of funds directly back to foundU. 

Wageflo will not change any part of your usual payroll process, nor will it have any affect on your net pay value or change any reporting.

We have worked hard to make this exciting new feature as easy as possible for both you and your employees. 

If you would like more information on this feature in your platform you can email

Head to our website to learn more about this feature for your employees.

Head to our website to learn more about this process for admins.

What do admins need to do?

Admins don't need to do anything! 

If you cannot see this feature in your platform then reach out to us at foundU and we can make this feature available on your platform.

When employees select to use Wageflo you'll see a Wageflo line item on the employee's payslips showing the amount they accessed early. 

Wageflo appears on Draft Payslips, to view:

  1. When in Pay > Draft Payslips > Edit Payslips your employees select to access their pay early, you will see a 'Wageflo' pay item listed in it's own section. 
  2. You'll be able to generate the payslip as normal.
    • Please note, Wageflo payments are deducted from the employees net pay amount.
Who can use Wageflo?

Once Wageflo is active on your platform, your employees will be able to access this feature including:

  • All employees over 18 years old.
  • Casual employees and shift-based employees will able able to access their funds as shifts are approved.
  • Salaried employees can also use Wageflo, however as shifts are not approved daily their pay will not be available until the end of each week.

Restrictions on using Wageflo

There are a few restrictions to be aware of including:

  • Employees must be over 18 years of age
  • Employees need to have been paid once through your platform before being able to access the feature (this avoids the risk of pay being sent to the wrong bank account if employees have filled in pay details incorrectly).
  • For the same reason, if an employee updates their bank details, Wageflo will be deactivated until a pay has been processed with the new details.
  • Wageflo will also pause if the employee makes changes to their TFN details.
  • Wageflo will not be available if an employee's payslip has been manually edited.
FAQ's for admins

What makes up the 'Eligible Amount?'

  • NET wages minus weekly deductions  
  • When calculating the eligible balance for Wageflo payments all deductions must be considered first. The system must look at the ‘unprocessed deductions’ that sit against the employee profile for that pay period.  
  • Unprocessed wages for previous pay period  
  • Wages for current pay period (approved) shifts  
  • Shift allowances 
  • Daily allowances 
What amounts are excluded?
  • Automated weekly allowances (phone car) 
  • Accrual type allowances 
  • Reimbursements
  • KM allowances 
  • Workcover pay items  
  • Bonus payments 
  • Long Service Leave payments 
  • Sick and Annual leave payments  
  • TOIL Payments  
  • RDO Payments 
  • Weekly allowances based on worked hours (Tool Allowance) 
  • TOIL balance / accrual  
What if I accidentally approve a shift and my employee gets paid?

In the off chance this occurs, we will apply the overdrawn amount to their next available pay period until the overdrawn amount is depleted. As we do this automatically, you'll have nothing to worry about.

Can all my employees use Wageflo?

Right now the Wageflo feature is only available to employees who are 18 years and above

Can I see which of my employees are using Wageflo?

For privacy, we have not provided facility for you to view which employees are using the Wageflo service. However if an employee does have a Wageflo transaction it will show up on their payslip for repayment purposes.

How can I let my employees know that Wageflo is an option for them?

Once Wageflo has been activated on your platform and the appropriate employees have been enabled, your employee's will see their available balances in their App. You can also let your employees know by using your Employee Announcement feature in your App.


Does my payroll or shift approval process have to change?

From a payroll perspective- your process won't change. You can approve shifts, and generate payroll as normal. The foundU system will automatically apply the cash payment to the employee's payslip without any interruption to your normal process.
Hot tip:

If your business uses clocking you can turn on our auto approve feature that allows you to automate approvals that match your rostered times within certain thresholds saving your managers time and your business. It also allows your employees real time availability of their earned money.

Does the On-Demand Pay available balance take into account any other deductions that employees may have? 

Yes, the on-demand pay balance does take into consideration of any outstanding deductions the employee may have. This will not be included in their overall available balance so you are not required to disable their On-Demand pay access to recoup any overpayments.

What happens if an employee is terminated and funds have been withdrawn?

If the Employee has withdrawn funds and then is abruptly terminated, outstanding monies will not be recouped from your business by foundU.

Why can't my new employee see Wageflo balance in their APP?

  • Employees must be paid once successfully by your business before they will have access to Wageflo and see the Wageflo option in their App. This ensures that we have all pay details correct from the employee such as BSB and Account number before they start accessing Wageflo.
  • Has the employee recently changed bank details or TFN details? If so, Wageflo will be unavailable until a pay has been processed through the normal payroll generation process to avoid paying into an incorrect bank account.
  • Is this the employee's first pay with your company? Wageflo is only enabled once the employee has had at least one pay.
  • Has the employee's payslip been manually edited? If so, then this particular pay-cycle can no longer be withdrawn against as we can't calculate the daily earnings of the particular employee.
  • Is the employee in an overdrawn state? If the employee is overdrawn the Wageflo balance will be reduced by this value.
  • Are there unapproved shift for this employee? if the employee has no shifts approved, they won't have a balance to withdraw from.
  • Is the employee under 18 years of age. If so, they are ineligible.
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