Applying a new entitlement to an employee's profile

Add a new entitlement to an employee's profile

You have the ability to apply additional entitlements to your employee's profile which will then allow them to apply for the that type of leave e.g. Parental Leave.

Adding a new entitlement involves two key steps.

  1. Ensuring that the entitlement type e.g. parental leave, is added in your platform's Leave Rules (see our guide on setting up entitlement rules). 
  2. Adding the entitlement to the employee with the relevant employment type e.g. Adding parental leave to an eligible employee.

In the case that you are paying out entitlements for an employee who is terminated then please read here.

Below we cover the case of an employee moving from Permanent to Casual and entitlements being paid out.

Adding a new entitlement to an employee

To add a new entitlement, such as parental leave, to an employee:

  1. Navigate to the employee's profile by searching for the employee or via People > Approved People and in the employee's profile select Employee Card tab > and open the Employment Type section.
  2. Scroll down to under the position where you will see an Add New Entitlement button.
    • Note you may also see any existing entitlements and their accrued balance here as well.

  3. Select the Add entitlement button to add a new entitlement.
      • Please note, you will only see the entitlements that you have set up in your platform. If you have not set up the entitlement please do so first.
      • If you have already added all relevant entitlements for a casual, you may also receive a warning message reminding you to first add in a new entitlement type to your platform.
      • Ensure the entitlement created has been set up to be applicable to the relevant employment type i.e. Ensure the 'apply entitlement to permanent/casual employees' toggle is on.

  4. Select the entitlement that you'd like to add from the drop down list e.g. Parental leave.
  5. Review the details e.g. you can adjust the accrual rate if you're not using your default settings.
  6. You can also add in the accrued balance e.g. 80 hours and save. You can add another entitlement or save.

Editing or adjusting the accrued hours for the entitlement

Employees won't be able to apply for an entitlement unless they have an entitlement balance for their accrued hours.

The one exception to this is if you choose to enable the 'Allow Advance/ Negative Accrual' toggle. This will allow a specific employee to go into a negative balance for a specific entitlement.

There are two ways to adjust the accrued hours for the entitlement.

  1. You can edit in the Employee's profile > Employee Card > Employment Type > Entitlements section by selecting the edit pencil icon for the entitlement.
  2. You can also edit the accrued value in the Employee's profile > Financial icon > YTD tab.

Depending on your user permissions, you may be able to see either or both. Either method can be used to update the balance.

Update the accrued entitlement balance to an employee via the Employee's card > Employment type section

  1. Navigate to the employee's profile by searching for the employee or via People > Approved people and in the employee's profile select the employee card icon> employment type tab.
  2. Scroll down to under the position and locate the existing entitlement e.g. Parental leave which has a 0 hours accrued.
  3. Click on the pencil icon to edit the entitlement and Save.
  4. You'll now see the updated accrued hours in the entitlements section.

Update the accrued entitlement balance in via the Employee's profile > Financial Icon > YTD section.

  1. Navigate to the employee's profile by searching for the employee or via People > Approved people and in the employee's profile select the Financial icon > and click on the YTD tab to open. 
  2. Locate your accrued entitlements. And select the icon to edit the accrued value balance, in our example we'll update the accrued hours balance for Compassionate leave and save.
    • Please note that if the entitlement isn't appearing in this list and its an entitlement that accrues a balance, you'll need to go back to the first step and check how the entitlement type is set up (its likely that its not set up to be an accrued entitlement). This will need to be adjusted first before you can update the accrued balance.

    • You'll now see the value updated on their Employee card > Employment type (ensure to refresh your page to see the updated value).


Employee going from full time to casual & managing their entitlements

When terminating an employee's position you may have the below scenarios:

  • A salaried/full time employee termination and needing to cash out their leave entitlements
  • A employee going from full time to casual, and need to cash out leave entitlements e.g. annual leave/ delete sick leave and carry over long service leave to their cash position.

If you have an existing full time employee e.g. Jane going to a casual position, when you add in the  new positions details, a pop up will come up asking you how you would like to manage their entitlements.

There are three options:

  1. Pay out e.g. cash out the entitlements for example annual leave
  2. Carry over e.g. have the leave continue where the employee will continue as a casual employee (relevant for long service leave).
  3. Delete e.g. delete a personal leave entitlement

To finalise entitlements for a full-time employee going to casual:

  1. Create the New Position and select Casual, then fill in the appropriate details and move to Continue.
  2. In the Entitlements section you will see the existing entitlements for this employee. 
  3. Use the radio buttons to choose which leave types you'd like to:

    • Pay out- Annual leave. When these are selected they will appear on the employees payslip. 
    • Carry Over- Typically Long service Leave
    • Delete- Most other leave types (compassionate, personal)

  4. You are transferring this employee from Permanent to Casual. For each entitlement please select if at the conclusion of the permanent position it should be Paid out, Deleted or Carried over to continue accruing as a casual. 
    • If a leave type needs to be carried over but the option is greyed out, check that the leave type has been set up to be applicable to casual employees.

Typically Annual Leave would be paid out, Long Service Leave would be carried over and all other leave types deleted.

When you navigate back to the Employee Card > Employment Type and scroll down to the Entitlement Area, you will notice the orange 'Pay Out' pill over the entitlements selected.


Please note: The pay out process will occur in the payslip for the final period ending before the employee becomes casual. If no draft payslip is created in that period through approving times or leave, a manual payslip will need to be created.

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