Sending an Email through your platform

Once you have enabled your foundU platform to send emails, you'll have the ability to send ad hoc email messages through the foundU platform with the click of a button. These can be used to:

  • Communicate with your applicants throughout the onboarding process.
  • Notify your employees of shift offers and job offers.
  • Communicate with employees and be able to see a record of Comms you have sent them.
  • Let your workforce know that payroll is complete.
  • And much more!

If you'd like to see a list of prebuilt communication templates and notifications that are triggered at different times, see our helpful guide here.

Turn on Emails in your foundU platform

To be able to send emails from your foundU platform, you'll first need to enable emails in your platform. The email settings within your platform settings are like the 'wizard behind the curtain' for sending emails from your platform, so it is important to ensure that you setup these general setting first.

To do so:
  1. Navigate to the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform settings > Email settings.
  2.  You'll see your Email settings, these are:
    • Enable systems email. This setting turns all the emails on (when yes is selected) or off (when No is selected).
    • Accounts email- this is used as a reply to email address for accounts and payroll emails.
    • Admin email- this is used as a reply to email for platform administration emails.
  3. You'll also see your Email testing, these are:
    • Send a test email. This allows you to enter in an email and select send to confirm the email is sent.
    • Sometimes when you're testing emails you might prefer to redirect emails while completing your test. Selecting Yes will redirect emails to the email testing address.
      • Ensure to switchback to 'no' after your test is completed.
  4. Customise your 'email settings' or 'email testing settings' as needed. A floating bar will appear on the button with the number of changes you've made.
  5. Review your changes and select save.
  6. You're now ready to send Emails from your foundU platform.


Send an Email to an employee or multiple employees

You can tailor the size of your email group if needed and can send an email to

  • an individual
  • or a select group of employees by using your filters or tag groups.
  • or all employees

You can include sending any attachments in any of your emails as well. (e.g. png or pdf).

To send an email to an employee or employees:

    1. In the quick menu navigate to People > Approved People, or Pending People (for candidates who are Onboarding).
    2. Next select your group.
      • For an individual search their names
      • For a group- Select 'Show Filter', filter your employee list and/or select people from the checkbox next to their name.
        Ie. Below we have selected to filter out our Full-time employees. By increasing the page size to the maximum 1000 we ensure that all of our employees will appear on one page.

    3. Click Bulk Actions and choose the employee and select from bulk actions Send Email to selected.

    4. Create your email content- This is a free text section for you to add your content as you like. You can also use Placeholders (such as a name placeholder) when sending an email to multiple employees allowing you to write one message, and the employees will receive a personalised message in the name section (for example if using the first name token).
    5. Select the reply to email address
      • Default
      • Account email-this is used as a reply to email address for accounts and payroll emails
      • Admin email-this is used as a reply to email for platform administration emails.
      • or Custom- here you can select an Admin user from the subsequent drop down box.

    6. You can also add attachments (jpg, png. and pdf up to maximum of 5MB).
    7. Click send once you're ready to send your email.

I.e. Below you can see the use of the first name and last name tokens, as well as the attachments added. You can also see that the email will be sent to 14 employees based on your filtered group.


If you'd like to see what that email looks like for your employees and who has received it, navigate to the Employee Profile > Comms and View content.

I.e. Here is the content we drafted above.

Emailing applicants to remind them to continue their registration

In the recruitment phase when you need your pending people to continue to register, you can send an email reminder to an applicant from their employee profile. You can do this (individually as seen below) or in Bulk via Bulk actions.


Email sent history

When an Email is sent to an employee, the communication history can be found in the employee's profile, Communication tab.

Or by using the communication log found in the full menu > Communication > Communication log. 

  • Person email log will show the communication log for messages sent to an Employee.
  • Operation email log will show the communication log for messages sent to an Operation (SMS only).
  • Please note the log only shows the last 200 messages sent.

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