Creating a manual payslip

Using a manual payslip to pay your employees

There will be times you will need to create a manual payslip such as:

  • When you need a second payslip for the same period ending.
  • If you need to pay out an employee's leave in the same pay period as leave is redeemed.
  • An employee has just started and hasn't completed registration until payday.
  • If you wish to create a backpay.
  • Changing an employee's position to Salaried (auto pay) after paycycles for the period ending have been generated.
  • Creating a pay item for an employee on a trial shift.

To learn more, watch the short video below or you can follow along in the guide below.

Step by step instructions to create a manual payslip

To create a manual payslip for an employee:

  • Navigate to Payroll> Pay> Create New Payslip.  From the drop down boxes, Select the Employee, Duration and Period ending date.
 Note: Not all employee's names will appear in the drop down box, please begin typing the employee's name to locate them.

  1. Select + Add New Position. Then you are able to Select the Employee's operation, position, and state.

  2. Select + Add Pay Item, then add in your line items by selecting the 'type' from the drop down box.

  3. Once the line items have been added in, you can add in deductions, reimbursements and entitlements where needed.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and select Calculate Totals. You can then Preview Payslip to see the totals.
  5. Once you have previewed the payslip to ensure all details are correct, select Create payslip.
  6. A pop up will appear confirming that you would like to save changes for this employee and asking if you want to save this as a template for further use.
  7. The payslip then appears in Draft Payslips under the specified period ending, for generating pay as normal.
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