How entities display when paying superannuation

The below are tips for when accessing your Payroll > Superannuation menu and making super payments in platform via Beam.

Once you've processed your employee's pay, when you're ready to process their superannuation payments you'll proceed to the Payroll > Superannuation.

Permission warning: Employee search restrictions do not apply to the Superannuation Centre. Enabling permission for an Admin user to view the Superannuation Centre will display all entities (Office codes that are a paying entity), and all employees, regardless of search restrictions applied.

Admins with Super User permissions will have access to the Superannuation Centre by default.

For more information on specific permissions click here.

How entities display for your Beam Superannuation payment
If you're wondering why your entities are displaying a different name e.g. Caffeine Group to the label name you have for your operation e.g. Caffeine express Milton, the below will be helpful:

Batches within the Superannuation Centre are formed using ABN entities, which are configured from the paying entity details within office codes. Where multiple office codes share an ABN, they will be grouped into one batch for that period. Office codes that are not paying entities will utilise the Default office code business entity details e.g. Caffeine group not the office code name e.g. Caffeine Express. 

Example of an office code that is a paying entity:

For office codes that are not paying entities, the default company details will be utilised.

Example of an office code that is not a paying entity: