Beam troubleshooting errors and warnings

Troubleshooting errors and warnings when using your Beam super integration.

When paying your superannuation for your employees through Beam, foundU has a lot of inbuilt checks to ensure that your data flows through with ease and you will receive communication from the platform if there are any errors.

If you're processing Beam for the first time you may experience some initial errors.

The below troubleshooting tips are for those scenarios that may come up, and how to resolve these quickly and easily.

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Troubleshooting Beam errors and warnings

Candidate has an outdated/ invalid super fund. 

If you've received an error 'Candidate: XX has an outdate/ invalid super fund (super fund details). Please ensure a valid fund is provided'.

This means that the employee who is mentioned by the XX (employee id number) superannuation details requires updating.

To resolve this error, you could try the below two actions:

  1. Reselect the employee's original superfund in the employee's profile> Financial icon> Financial tab and edit.
    • If your original super fund doesn't appear under the search bar this could be due to a change in the superfund name. In this case either search the internet for the new fund name or contact the employee to confirm the current superfund name.
    • Please note if you cannot see the tab contents this could be due to not having financial permissions.
    • This resolves any errors where the Superfund may have updated its details.

    Please note this step is only relevant for non-SMSF funds.

  2. The second way to resolve this is to ask employees to review their superannuation details and have employees update via the Employee App.
  • Through the Employee App employees View Profile > Financial Details > here they can update their superannuation fund details.

For updating SMSF additional details are required, these include:

Super USI doesn't match error

If you've received an error indicating that the superannuation USI (Unique Superannuation Identifier) doesn't match this could be due to your super fund updating their USI numbers.

  1. As foundU (via Beam) has a USI list that is regularly updated, you can first check to see if we have the new USI by reselecting the same fund in the superannuation list.
Employer or batch error

If your employer details don't match once you've paid super via Beam, this means that you'll need to review your details and update them.

After submitting a batch, if you're missing details from your business details set up (entity), or there's an issue within your batch, you will be returned to pending, with an error displayed on the batch.

The below shows where you can edit a business 'ABN' etc if needed.

  • ABN - Beam entity (super settings > entity > Edit)
  • Refund account details - Beam Entity (Super Settings > Entity > Edit refund)
  • ABN- Beam entity-(Super settings > entity > edit refund).
  • Refund BSB- best updated via your Beam entity (Super settings > entity > edit).
  • Direct Debit account details- Beam entity (Super settings > Entity > Edit refund).
Employee's details don't match error

If your employee details don't match once you've paid super via Beam, this means that you'll need to review your employee's details and update them (these are typically found in the employee's profile).

Note: Where an employee warning or error is received, if ANY change is made to the Employee Profile for any detail, we will purge any warning/error received for that employee from all batches.

Beam uses the below details:

  • Surname
  • Given name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Address line 1
  • Suburb
  • Postcode
  • State
  • Country code
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • TFN

Once updated the error or warning will be removed allowing you to process the employee or batch.

Super funds use the below fields (and we've noted their foundU locations so that you can easily update the information).

  1. Tax file number- please note that an admin cannot update this through the admin portal, and the employee will need to do this through the Employee App (as they will also need to sign to confirm it's true and correct).
  2. Employee full legal name- This can be changed from Admin > Profile > Details > Edit.
  3. Self-managed super fund (SMSF details) this includes name, ABN, address etc.
After an adjustment was made, I now have negative Super

If you've made a super payment and realised that you had an error on a payslip and did an adjustment resulting in a negative super payment. Here's what you can do:

A: When you do an adjustment (or edit or process a ETP payment), a new superannuation batch is automatically created in Payroll > Superannuation. This means that you can easily merge this new batch with another batch (in this case when you process next weeks pay for example). The negative amount will then come out of the employee's total super amount owing.

Please note you can only merge into another batch if:

  • The entity details match
  • The employee exists
  • And the batch that you're merging into cannot already have a negative batch total amount.

If it is your employee's last payment payslip as they're no longer working with you:

A: In this scenario as you won't have a future super total for the employee to take the negative amount of you'll need to either collect the super payment from the super fund (or write off the amount) depending on your business requirements. In foundU you can clear the negative amount, which will mark the payment as processed requiring no further action.