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Our first 2 topics are Advanced:

  • Position set up and Awards and rates book
  • Setting up a new operation

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Advanced: Position set up- Awards and rates book (10 mins)

In this video you'll learn more about:

    • Platform Terminology.
    • Adding new Workers Compensation (WIC) codes.
    • Checking that your WIC codes are set up prior to adding your new position to an Award.

  • Setup your WIC codes before proceeding.
  • Copying an existing position.
  • Naming a new position and choosing the classification.
  • Adding a classification.
  • How to add your new position to your existing Award.

  • Adding and naming a new rates book template.
  • Adding positions to a template.
  • Assigning a WIC code to a rates book template.
  • Utilising rates book templates to add multiple positions at once.
  • Including how to export your rates books to check your margins.

    • Adding another state to a rates book.
    • Selecting weekly or fortnightly statement cycle.
    • Editing a rates book.
    • Turning on Auto Calculation.
    • Editing rates and charge-out rates.
    • Exporting a rates book.
    • Adding a position to a rates book.

Advanced: Setting up a new operation (11 mins)

In this video you'll learn more about:

  • Adding a new operation to your foundU platform.
  • Enabling position groups.
  • Installing a clock for the Clock App.
  • Setting up invoicing and purchase orders.
  • Setting up financial details for an operation.
  • Setting payroll tax state, on-costs, and statement cycle.

  • Using the CRM in your platform including adding contacts to your CRM
  • Adding notes for prospective and current operations.

  • Setting up your rates book including adding positions and allowances.
  • Editing a rates book.
  • Enabling rates auto-calculation.
  • Adding charge-out rates.

  • Frequently used Operations reports. 
  • Exporting an operation's data.
  • Filtering report data.
  • Assigning a manager to an operation.
  • Running a Gross Profit report for your operations.
  • Running a Manager Activity report.



New employee management (16 mins)

In this video you'll learn more about:

  • foundu platform login.
  • Accessing the Help Centre.
  • Navigating the Quick menus.
  • Logging out of your platform.
  • Features of the Employee Help Centre in the Employee App.

  • The people menu.
  • Understanding the difference between Approved, Pending, Declined, and Archived people.
  • Applicant Screening.

  • An example of and applicant registering in a platform.
  • Manually adding an applicant to your platform.
  • Viewing the onboarding documents.

  • Using a filter to filter applicants by roles and/or skills.
  • Screening and accepting employees to work.
  • How to run a Visa check for an applicant.
  • Updating Visa details.
  • Viewing communication sent to the employee/applicant (SMS and/or Email).
  • Declining an applicant.
  • Sending an email to an applicant.
  • Employing a new starter (accepting a person to work).
  • Sending contacts to an employee for signing.


  • Navigating to the Workforce Report Centre.
  • Employee management reporting including the Expiring Documents Report.

Employee set up (7 mins)

In this video you'll learn more about:

  • Assigning a manager and an office code to a new employee.
  • Searching for an employee.
  • Key steps before rostering an employee.


  • Creating a new position for an employee a permanent or a casual employee.
  • Assigning an employee's location.
  • Assigning an employee's entitlements.
  • Adding additional positions to an employee.
  • Adding an end date to a position.

  • Filtering options to export employee data.
  • Export employee's Emergency Contact Details.
  • Saving an export filter.
  • Loading a saved export filter.
  • Showing employees without a position assigned.
  • Show casual employees available to work.

Roster navigation (7 min)

In these videos you'll learn more about:

  • Searching for an Operation's roster.
  • Creating a sub-roster.
  • Roster Navigation. 
  • Editing a roster.

  • Creating a roster for a new Operation.
  • Roster notifications.
  • Adding a roster location.
  • Adjusting the geographical clocking boundaries.

  • Using the roster filters.
  • Tailoring the Roster display details.
  • Showing external shifts- for employees who work across multiple rosters.
  • Using the Leave notification tool to see employees with approved leave on your roster.
  • Viewing your employee's contact details from the roster.
  • Copying a roster.
  • Printing your roster.
  • Adding comments to a roster, shift, or day.
  • Using the permission based Roster analytics that your roster provides.

Building your roster (15 min)

In these videos you'll learn more about:

  • Adding people and shifts to your roster.
  • Sorting employees by Name, Hours worked, and Age when adding to a roster.
  • Creating bulk shifts to save time.
  • Adding split shifts for an employee.
  • Adding comments to a roster, shift, or day.
  • Copying, Drag & drop, and Deleting shifts.

  • Addressing shift errors and warnings.
  • Filtering the roster to show roster errors.
  • Solving roster errors including position errors, conflict errors and duration errors.
  • Displaying Availability on the roster.
  • Roster warnings including fatigue warnings and leave warnings.

  • Sorting your roster by position.
  • Publish your roster without notifying employees.
  • Offering shifts from the roster to employees.
  • Copying a completed roster from one week to the next to save time.
  • Publishing your roster.

  • Setting a weekly and daily budget.
  • Amending your roster to be under budget.
  • Roster analytics and the Roster efficiency toolbar.

Clocking (7 min)

In this video you'll learn more about:

  • Clocking overview and the clocking features of the Clock app and the Employee app.
  • Clocking in and out for breaks.
  • Capturing early and late attendance reasons.
  • Comparing the Clocking options for your business.

  • Frequently asked questions on the topic of Clocking.
  • How do I view and adjust the clock times?
  • Can I automate approvals if my employees are clocking?
  • Can an employee still clock in if I haven't rostered them?
  • What is geolocation clocking?
  • Can employees still clock without internet connectivity?
  • Do salaried staff use the clock?

Approve shifts (11 min)

In this video you'll learn more about:

  • Filtering your 'Approve Shifts' view for an Employee, Operation, Roster, or Shift Status
  • Using the dials to navigate through the week.
  • Why salaried staff don't appear in Approve Shifts.
  • What types of information pulls through to the Approve shifts page (rostered shift, clock times, position).
  • Locking Approved shifts for payroll.
  • Add a shift directly into Approve Shifts that may have been forgotten on the roster.
  • Adding a reimbursement into Approve Shifts.


  • Approving all shifts at once, approving multiple at once, or individually.
  • Adjusting shift end times.
  • Entering a reason for declining a shift.
  • Editing a shift including applying personal or annual leave.
  • Adding an allowance to a shift and leaving a comment.
  • Best practise/ frequency for approving shift and reviewing the approval status dials.

  • Approving outstanding shifts.
  • Preparing your shifts for payroll and running an Approve shifts CSV export.
  • Running an Attendance and Performance report to see trends in shift attendance issues.

Pre payroll checks (4 min)

In this video you'll learn more about:

  • Checking leave hours and approved hours in preparation for payroll.
  • Using the filter to search for a specific pay period.
  • Checking for unapproved hours.
  • Locking approved shifts.
  • Using the filter for payroll export report.


  • Running valuable pre-payroll checks before you process your pay.
  • Viewing draft payslips.
  • Previewing payslips.
  • Using the filter for payslip export report.
  • Editing payslips.

Processing payroll (11 min)

In this video you'll learn more about:

  • Processing draft payslips to payslips.
  • Processing your pay including STP.
  • Viewing your ABA history.
  • Regenerating ABA files when needed.
  • Emailing payslips to employees if you choose to.
  • How employees can view their payslips within the Employee App.

  • Editing payslips and creating adjustments and the benefits and differences of using each.
  • Altering deductions and/or entitlements.
  • How to create an adjustment.
  • Subtracting hours and adding in the correct hours.
  • Adding a deduction.

  • How to create a manual payslip.
  • Previewing the new payslip.
  • Processing the draft manual payslip as per normal.

  • Various reports to use before and after you have run your pay.
  • Using the Standard Payroll activity report and the Advanced Payroll activity report.
  • Adding more groupings to a report and exporting your report.

Invoices (9 min)

In this video you'll learn more about:

  • Generating pending invoices and viewing invoice data.
  • Using filters to search for an invoice.
  • Previewing an invoice.
  • Deleting an invoice.

  • Issuing invoices to clients.
  • Emailing an invoice to a client.

  • Adjusting amounts or removing a line items from invoices.
  • Making adjustments to invoices through either reissuing an invoice, or issuing and applying a credit note.
  • Creating a credit note.
  • Selecting an invoice to apply a credit note to.
  • Applying a credit note.
  • Debtor Management.

  • Running invoice reports.
  • MYOB Sales report.
  • Leave Management report.
  • Sales/GM report.

Reporting (14  min)
  • Filtering operations reports by location, manager, office code, or pay period.
  • Assigning tags, office codes, managers and clock settings to your operations data.
  • Assigning a new manager to an operation.
  • Operations reporting including the Sales GM report, Manager Activity report and exporting details from Operations.

  • Employee management reporting.
  • Expiring documents report and filtering by document type eg: Drivers Licence.

  • Filtering options to export employee data.
  • Searching for employees without a position assigned.
  • Exporting employee data eg: Emergency Contact Details.
  • Saving an export option/filter in the Approved People exports.
  • Searching for employees who are working or available.

  • Preparing your shifts for payroll and running an Approve shifts CSV export.
  • Filtering by unapproved status
  • Running an Attendance and Performance report to see trends in shift attendance issues.

  • Roster analytics showing total staff, hours, estimated roster cost, and average cost per hour.
  • Making changes to achieve an under budget roster.
  • Changing analytics to show for a day or an entire week.
  • Viewing more detailed analytics/insights into your roster costs and labour.

  • Viewing financial reports.
  • Running the Standard Payroll Activity report.
  • Grouping payroll data.
  • Running the Advanced Payroll Activity report
  • Exporting your reports
  • Running the SuperStream report, Leave Liability Report, Labour Management Report, and the Payroll Billing Report.


  • Running invoice reports such as the Xero, MYOB and SAP Sales reports.
  • Running the Labour Management report for timesheet data.
  • Grouping by PO and Operation.
  • Running the Sales/GM report.
Annual Minimum Wage Increases (11 mins)
  • To learn how to manage an Annual Wage Increase.
  • Using the Annual Wage Increase checklist.
  • Scheduling your Rate Rise on the correct day.

  • How to access the Rate Rise tool in foundU.
  • Starting a new Rate Rise or resuming an unprocessed rate rise.
  • Opting to receive a reminder to process your final pay before the Rate Rise takes effect.
  • Selecting the awards to increase rates for.
  • Checking the classifications and editing rates to match the Fairwork Pay Guide exactly including rounding.
  • Using the CSV tool to update rates in bulk.
  • Editing the rates in your rates book (only required for Labour Hire businesses).
  • Editing the salary for a permanent employee or casual employee.
  • Editing your allowances to match the Fairwork Pay Guide.
  • Completing and submitting your final rate rise.


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