Understand your roster in 22 mins- Watch the videos here

Roster Videos

In our videos collections, we'll show you how to navigate your rosters, understand key roster features, build and publish your roster, address any errors and warnings, as well as use the budget and cost analytics functions of your roster. 

For in-depth information for each section, refer to the relevant roster article in the Help Center.

Watch our video collections:


Roster navigation (7 min)

In these videos you'll learn more about:

  • Roster Navigation.

  • Creating a roster for a new operation.

  • Learn how the key features of your roster work.

Building your roster (15 min)

In these videos you'll learn more about:

  • Adding people and shifts to your roster.

  • Addressing shift errors and warnings.

  • Publishing your roster.

  • Roster budgets and analytics.

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