Use the Rate Rise tool in your foundU platform, to increase your pay (and charge) rates in bulk in line with the Fair Work Commission's annual wage reviews.

The below guide will show you how to increase your pay rates.

Search for your award and increase dates here.

Please note that you won't be able to do the rate rise until Fair work releases their pay guides (typically this is done 1st-3rd of February). 

  • As the pay rates will apply to your next full pay period, you have plenty of time to do the rate rise. For example if you do your payroll weekly and process on a Monday e.g. 1st of February.
  • You can do your rate rises after your have processed your normal pay run, e.g. Wednesday 3rd of February.
  • Your next full pay period  will be 8th of February and will contain the new rates.

The rates rise tool allows you to Set, Check, Schedule and Forget your rate rises with ease.

  • Set- Updating rates is now 50% faster. Our stepped approach allows you to update all your rates in one go and remain compliant.
  • Check- Check your rates to match Fair Work rates to the cent and use the Export/ Import tool to adjust rates in bulk.
  • Forget- Schedule your rate increase for the day after your last pay day (pay and charge). Rate increases are automatically updated (but you can override these too if you need).

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New rate rise

Watch this video on how to set, check and schedule your rate rise or follow the steps below.

  Please note this Screen Navigation has no sound, please watch and follow along for helpful tips on the rate rise tool.

    1. In the quick menu select the hamburger icon to open the full menu> Payroll Settings> Rate rise. Here you will see any existing rate rises in progress and any processed rate rises.
    2. Select Create a new rate rise. A modal will appear where you can select your overall rate increase e.g. 1.75%, and the date when its effective (you can schedule it).
  • Ensure you select the correct date you would like it to apply e.g. if you pay weekly on a Monday, you'd select the day after your pay day (Tuesday), for the first full pay period after the Operational date.
  • Check the box to confirm that you have reviewed your rate increase and continue.

  Ensure you select the rate rise effective date to run after you process your last payrun with the old rates (see image below).



    1. You'll now see each step to be completed in the tabs including: 

      Awards Classifications Ratesbook Permanent employees Casual employees Allowances.
      Select all awards that you would like to increase rates for, or you can select individual awards at a time. You will not be able to conduct 2 rate rises on the same award at once. Click continue and the next section will focus on the awards selected and proceeding to the next step- Classifications. 

      Please note that you can go back to any prior step, but if you make a change you will need to select continue which will impact all steps previously completed.

    2. Once completed you can select Finish. You'll  now see your rate rise sitting at 100% complete and scheduled on your chosen date.
Review, edit (or delete) an existing rate rise
  • In the quick menu select the hamburger icon to open the full menu> Payroll Settings> Rate rise. Here you will see any existing rate rises in progress and any processed rate rises.

  • You will also see if a rate rise is fully completed or is currently in progress. You can edit both using the edit icon prior to the scheduled date.
  • You can also delete any unprocessed rate rises if needed using the delete icon.
If you add a new rate rise please note that the awards that were previously selected will not be available for the new rate rise.
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