Add & set up a new employee

Complete steps 1-6 to add & set up your new employee

To add a new employee to the foundU platform, means to begin a 6 step process which involves;

  1. Inviting the new employee to register
  2. Employee Onboarding
  3. Screening employee details 
  4. Accepting employee into foundU
  5. Initial employee set up
  6. Applying a position to the employee

This article will guide you through each step and answer some commonly asked questions.

Let's begin!

  Watch the videos or read the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Invite employees to register

There are two methods to register employees to begin onboarding with foundU. 

Admin users can Add Employee when logged into the platform or alternatively employees can Register their interest themselves by using a unique URL to your business. 

Discover both options below

Admin inviting from platform Employee registering via link

Administrators can start the registration process for potential employees and send them details to complete their onboarding application.

  1. In the quick menu navigate to People > Add People.
  2. Fill out the required employee information – name, contact number and email.
  3. Click Register. An email will automatically be sent to the nominated email prompting the employee to set up a password to complete their online application. Once registered, they will move to Pending People.


Step 2: Employee Onboarding
The employee onboarding journey works in three stages. The employee is invited via email to begin their onboarding. The employee fills in the onboarding information. Then Admin checks their completion.

Onboarding Email The Onboarder - Employee View Onboarder Completion
What email do employees receive?

The Employee will receive a welcome email inviting them to fill in their information and to create a password for their new account, made from their email address.



Can I customise this email?

Absolutely - you're able to use our default wording or are welcome to reword your own.
You can edit this email by navigating to;
  1. Open the Hamburger menu > Communication > Communication Content.
  2. Find templates #66, #49 and #48 by using the search bar. All 3 templates relate to employee registration
  3. Click on the blue title to open the email template, edit as desired and Save.

How can I re-send the welcome email?

You are able to re-send the welcome email from the employees profile or in bulk.
Navigate to People > Pending People

  1. Select specific or all employees using the checkbox
  2. Click Bulk Actions and choose Resend Welcome Email to Selected

  1. Find the employee and click on their name to go into their profile.
  2. Click Send Reminder located under their profile picture.

Step 3: Screening employee details

Information and documents captured through the onboarding process are stored in 4 places within the employee's profile.

  • Employee Card
  • Compliance
  • Onboarding
  • Financial
What and where to check:


Employee Card Compliance Onboarding Financial
Select the Employee Card icon and navigate to the Details tab.

Here you can check all the relevant personal details including:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Languages spoken 
  • Emergency contacts
  • Height and weight (if relevant to the position)
  • and more

Step 4: Accepting employee into foundU

Once an applicant has been interviewed, screened and is successful you can accept them to work and set up their employment details ready to start putting them onto shifts.

An unaccepted person cannot be found to put on rosters or jobs. 

To accept a new employee:

  1. Go to People, Pending People.
  2. Find the employee and click on their name to go into their profile.
  3. Click 'Accept Person'. This will also move the employee from pending people to Approved People.

Step 5: Initial employee set up

Once an employee is accepted, you'll navigate to Approved People, locate the employee and click on their name to go into their profile overview page.

To set up your new employee you'll need to: 

  1. Assign a Manager
  2. Run a Visa check (if applicable)
  3. Set Maximum hours
  4. Assign an Office code


Manager Visa Max Hours Office Code

To assign a manager to an employee:

In the Overview screen, select Edit next to manager. Select the manager's name from the drop-down and click Save.

Click image to enlarge 

  Note: The manager needs to be set up as an admin user so that they appear in the drop-down.
Step 6: Applying a position to the employee

Now that you've set up your employee, you'll need to add a position to them in able to roster and pay them. To add a position you'll need to:

  1. Navigate to the Employee Card icon and select Employment Type tab.
  2. Select Add New Position and select their position type i.e. full time, part time or casual and select continue.
  3. Continue through the steps and fill in the relevant information including location, position and start date.
  4. Review and save position.

For a detailed guide on position set up, click here!


Employee reports
You can run loads of employee reports including:
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