Your EOFY Timeline 2022

EOFY Checklist

This guide will assist you through the EOFY process step by step to finalise your current financial year and prepare for the new financial year within your foundU platform.  Please note, for ease, we have underlined anything that must be actioned.

Key Dates:

  • The superannuation guarantee payment due date for the quarter is 28 July 2022.

Your super deadline could be sooner depending on your chosen super payment method:

  • If paying via your existing clearinghouse, please contact your clearinghouse for the payment due date.
  • Super payment via Beam integration cut off dates: Direct Debit: 5 business days, must be submitted by 3:30 pm AEST on June 22, 2022. Bpay/EFT: 3 business days, must be submitted by 3:30 pm AEST on June 24, 2022.

Other key dates:

  • STP finalisation (Payment Summary) cut off date: 14th of July, (extended cut off date 31st of July for any employers who are not able to meet the first due date) check out here for more info.
  • Rate rise final date: TBC (it should apply to the first full pay period in the new financial year). Please note, that the rate rise percentages and applicable Awards are usually released around June 30th. For more info on rate rises and the process to set this up in your platform read here.
  • WorkCover codes: TBC (Usually July 1st)

Here is the sequence of the Key events to take place prior to and after EOFY. 

Changed to foundU halfway through the financial year? Wondering what you need to do? Check out our article.


Step 1:   Finalise Current Financial Year
  • Process your last payroll for 2021-22 as usual: Ensure all pay cycles due to be processed in the current financial year have been generated. (All payment dates after June 30 2022, will automatically form a part of the 2023 financial year) 
Step 2: Review and Check Your Data
  • Employee details: Check all employee details are completed and accurate, including tax file numbers and email accounts.
  • Terminated employees: Ensure all terminated employees have been archived and a termination date has been applied to their profile.
  • Allowances: Check all allowances and pay items have been correctly set up under the STP reporting label, including the allowance type where the allowance is reported separately from gross earnings.   You can find this information in our Pay Items and Allowances Schedule.
  • STP review: The ‘End of Financial Year – STP to Payroll Activity Reconciliation’ guide explains how to balance amounts reported to the ATO via STP to the Advanced Payroll Activity report. View our STP Reconciliation guide here.
  • Reconcile payroll accounts to your general ledger: Generate the Advanced Payroll Activity for the last financial year with the ‘Cash Basis’ and ‘Separate Superannuation Contribution Types’ checkbox options selected. Just a reminder, it is best practice to reconcile your foundU platform with your accounting software. 
Step 3: Finalise your STP Data, and Make Tax Ready for your employees
  • EOFY Finalisation: You will need to ensure any outstanding STP batches which require action have been submitted prior to finalising employee STP data. Generating final EOFY STP data will indicate the employee's YTD earnings as ‘Tax Ready’ on their income statement in MyGov. 
  • Fringe benefits: Import any reportable fringe benefit amounts in the first step of your STP finalisation tool. 
Step 4: Preparing for the New Financial Year
  • Conduct your Award increases / Rate rise: Apply any relevant rate and allowance increases via the Rate Rise Tool on your platform.

As well as you may want to address:

    • PAYG Rates Updated: Please note, that any changes to the tax tables will be updated automatically in your foundU platform.
    • Review and Update Payroll Tax Rates: Update relevant state payroll rates and/or thresholds if required. View article here.
    • Review and Update WorkCover Rates: Update relevant WorkCover rates where applicable, you can do this under Payroll Settings > Workers Compensation.
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