Send an EOFY Communication to your Employees

End of Financial Year (EOFY) 2020

This year in line with ATO changes, employees will not receive a physical Payment Summary document. Instead, employees will need to log into their MyGov account to access their finalised wage data. 

To avoid any confusion, we recommend communicating this change to your employees early. You can use the Bulk Email tool in your foundU platform to send all employees an email or SMS. 


Sending a bulk email in foundU

Watch this video on how to quickly send EOFY emails to your employees or follow the steps below.

To send your employees an email about EOFY processes, go to:
  1. Approved People > Show Filter > Additional Filters and select 'Has Payslips For Current FY'.
  2. Apply Filter, then click Bulk Actions > Send Email to All Filtered.
  3. Copy the below email content (or write your own). The platform will pre-fill the employee name where the #firstNameToken shows.
  4. Use the document upload option to attach the Single Touch Payroll ATO documentation or insert it as a link within the email (as below).
  5. Send! 

The communication history will be stored against each employee's profile for future reference.

Example template email content


Hi #firstNameToken,

Coming up to End of Financial Year, we would like to inform you that how you access your Payment Summary data is changing.

The changes: In line with new ATO guidelines you will NOT receive a physical Payment Summary or Group Certificate this year. Instead, you can access all your data through your MyGov account, and your payment summary information will be called an Income Statement in ATO online services.

 It’s easy to create a myGov account, and there is online help available. Once it’s set up, you can link your myGov account to a range of government services, including the ATO.

Further information about accessing your data in your MyGov account is attached.



  • You will NOT receive a Payment Summary or Group Certificate document. Your payment summary information will be called an Income Statement in ATO online services.
  • To complete your tax return, you should wait until the information is Tax Ready. Your income statement may not be Tax Ready until the end of July.
  • You will receive an email from us before July 31st 2020, confirming that your payroll information for work completed for [Platform Name] has been submitted to the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with your manager.


The [Platform Name] Team


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