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Operation Clock settings

Operations can now customise their own clock settings

Operation-based Clock settings will allow you to have a different group of Clock settings for different Operations. This may be useful for businesses such as:

    • Who has access?
    • What are Default clock settings?
    • Tips before you begin customising your settings.
    • Clock customisation with the new Operation clock settings.
    • Scenarios for changing settings for an individual operation or applying changes in bulk.
    • Click here for the webinar slide deck.
      • Multi-site operations that would like different clocking rules per site.
      • Franchises with different venues.
      • Labour hire businesses.
      • As well as businesses with different functional locations such as HO sites, warehouses and truck drivers who all may need to clock differently.

In the webinar below you'll see the operations clock settings, including:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's):

Q1. Who can change my Operation clock settings?

Any super users for your platform will see a Settings Cog next to the Operation name in the Operations card. Operation clock settings can be accessed through this cog.

In addition, Admins who have the permission of 'Access Operation Clock settings' turned on in their permission group.


Q2. What are Default clock settings?

The clock settings for your entire platform are your 'default' clock settings, these are accessed through Platform Settings> Clock Settings and will apply to all Operations within your platform unless overridden.

Q3. Why should I change the clock settings in an Operation as opposed to my entire platform (default settings)?

Consider the changes before you make them. Making a change to your 'default' settings should be done with caution as these changes will affect all of your Operations.

Q4. How do I know what each clock settings does?

If you are unsure of what a particular clock setting will do, you can hover your mouse over the handy tool tip at the end of it (looks like an 'i'). Or you can also refer to our Clocking article to assist you.

Q5. Do I need to customise each Operation individually or can I change them in bulk?

Depending on how many changes you would like to make, you can make changes individually through the Operation or, if you have many changes of the same type to make to multiple operations, you can do so through Approved Operations > Bulk Actions. If you need to make changes for all your operations you can do this through your platform clocking settings located in Platform settings > clocking.

Q6. What happens if I change an override setting to match a default setting, then the default settings are changed on the same setting?

When this occurs, you are essentially deleting the override, The platform 'default' settings are your source of truth, so unless you've overridden them with a change, your platform will always use default.

Q7. If I choose to use automation and switch on 'Automatically approve shifts that are clocked in before and out after a time threshold' for example 5 mins. what happens if the employee forgets to clock out?

When this occurs, you will see in Approve shifts that there is no end time for the employee indicating that they have forgotten to clock out.

Additionally your automation will not trigger (as you need both a clock in and out time to be within your time trigger of 5 mins) as there is no end time trigger you will be prompted in Approve shifts to edit this shift to add in an end time and will need to manually approve the shift.

Q8. If I don't want to collect early or late reason for my Operation at all, how do I turn this off?

While there is no 'off button' you can simply add in '100 minutes for each' and this will ensure your employees don't see this.

Casual Leave (and casual long service leave) 

Our first step towards enhancing our leave functionality for casuals 

  • Simplified casual leave
  • Long service leave (LSL) for casuals

In the webinar below you'll see the new casual leave, including:

  • New casual leave process.
  • Setting up long service leave entitlements in your platform and assigning LSL to your casuals individually.
  • Changing from permanent to casual- new pop up and options for paying out, carrying over and deleting leave.
  • Click here for the webinar slide deck.
Note: Casual Long service leave applications will now come to the Leave menu for approvals like all Leave applications for permanent employees. This is a small change since the release of the below webinar.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's):

Q1. Is there a bulk way I can assign positions and LSL balances?

It’s important to note you accrue against all positions, for ordinary hours worked.

But payrate can be so varied for a casual (i.e they can have numerous positions all at different rates) so it’s critical position, operation and location is assigned so that you can produce an accurate leave liability figure and pay a correct rate when redeemed.

Therefore you’ll need to assign these individually including the leave balances.

Q2. Can someone assist me with applying lsl to all my casuals?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to assist with making the individual changes, however if you get stuck please reach out to us via support.

Q3. If leave is only assigned to the primary position, but my employee has multiple positions, will leave still accrue on those other position?

Leave will continue to accrue on your employee’s ordinary hours.  So the total hours accrued will be correct.

Just keep in mind that your leave liability report, the $ value will be based on the primary position linked.

Q4. What if I have no casuals?

No need to make any changes to your leave entitlements but keep in mind that the availability process will also be different for your permanents.

Q5. What if I haven't been calculating casual lsl?

Two things, first you can switch on casual lsl so that it accrues from that date as a start.

And you can also use the payroll activity report and group by line item to get the ordinary hours worked for your employees to calculate. For example, 100 ordinary hours multiplied by the accrual rate.

Then you can update your employee’s casual leave balances individually.

Q6. Are there other types of accruals for casuals?

LSL will accrue for casuals, you can apply LWOP but it doesn't accrue a balance.
Any others you can apply anything you want, but there is nothing else 'legislatively' that they need to accrue,

Q7. Will casual leave information flow through the leave liability report?

Yes it will, just keep in mind only the primary position will pull through to the leave liability report.

Q8. When paying casual long service leave, will this be paid for the base or casual leave loading amount?

This will be paid out at the rate the that the primary position is assigned to.

Q9. We have LSL <5 years and also the >5 years as we take up the provision after the employee hits their 5 years. With employees that have not reached their 5 years, you would have to go back on ordinary hours worked over say a 4 year period and add the accrued hours.

You can switch on the accrual now so it accrues from the start date, then you could use the payroll activity report and group by line item to get the ordinary hours worked for your employees to calculate.
For example, 100 hours multiplied by ordinary hours multiplied by the accrual rate- then you can add/update the employee's balance individually.

Q12. How has availability changed?

Mainly the terminology has changed (usual is now ongoing, temporary is now a once of request) and the new 'Apply for leave or Change Availability button this will also be seen by casuals.


Slim Roster

Check out our new slim roster design

  • 70% faster
  • 50 % slimmer

In the webinar below you'll see the new slim roster design including:

  • Quicker
  • More employees on the roster
  • Public holidays now display on the roster and heaps more enhancements!


Some Handy Resources:

Slim Roster Navigation

Building a Roster 


Go1 + foundU

Go1 + foundU have teamed up to bring our customers access to an integrated  Learning Management System (LMS) 

Employee training and learning has never been easier and all sits within your foundU platform.

Our Integration was rolled out on February 24th 2020!
In the webinar below you'll see the Learning Management System (LMS) functionality including:

  • New Training quick menu
  • Connecting foundU to GO1
  • Adding courses to your course list
  • Enrol & assign training to employees
  • Building your own courses in GO1
  • Training reporting in GO1


Some Handy Resources

Slides from the webinar

LMS [Admin Guide]

LMS [Employee Guide]

Employee App

Our Employee app is here!

See a sneak peek of the new Employee App's functionality including:

  • New Geolocation clocking via the Employee App
  • How admins can enable the Employee App (from Monday) and set the boundary zone 
  • Communicating with employees- current functionality available
  • New Clocking icons on Approve shifts
  • Updated Clock log page


Some Handy Resources:

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