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Didn't make it to our latest feature release live webinar? Watch the recordings here, where we dive into explaining the usability of our new functions.


Discover our 4 latest releases below

New Position Management 

A preview of our new position management design and functionality 

  • Flexible
  • Intuitive
  • Heaps easier!

In the webinar below you'll see the new position management functionality including:

  • The new employment date capture
  • Conflict checks when changing adding position
  • Streamlined adding a position to an employee process with
    • Position start and end dates
    • New flow includes work pattern and Salaried option (previously called autopay)
    • Easier set up of entitlements



Tips for those transitioning to the new position management including:

  • When changing positions now, you can simply add the new position (do not delete existing positions).
  • Checking the employment date, foundU has pre-filled this but you'll need to ensure that it accurately reflects your employee records.
  • Position start dates.
    • For casuals these will display as 'ongoing', for those that require start and end dates these will need to be edited.
    • For full time/ part time these will flow through based on your existing data.
  • When switching from full time to salaried, use add position (this is considered a new position).


Frequently asked questions (FAQ's):

Can you have multiple "active" positions for the one casual at the same time?

Yes you can, simply add in the positions and start dates that you'd like.

In the scenario where you set up a junior staff member e.g. current position at 16, next position at 17 (from their birthday) etc, do you receive a notification when the position change occurs?

Updated! Now yes you can- you'll find the template which can be enabled in the full menu> Communication> Communication content a template called Notification sent to admin users (manager) when employee effect date position triggers. 

When changing an employee from full-time to casual and it goes to cash out leave, does it automatically go to the next pay period? 

It will automatically cash out in the last payslip before you transition from permanent to casual as an example. This is because accruals continue over this period until paid out.

Can the 'Add New Entitlement' be turned on/off for users?

Yes you can. In leave rules you can adjust this setting.

If you would like to manually select entitlements every time you can select this setting in leave rules. The setting is called 'applying entitlement to employees settings'.

There is a toggle for new employees and a toggle for existing employees.
For further information on Leave entitlements 


Slim Roster

Check out our new slim roster design

  • 70% faster
  • 50 % slimmer

In the webinar below you'll see the new slim roster design including:

  • Quicker
  • More employees on the roster
  • Public holidays now display on the roster and heaps more enhancements!


Some Handy Resources:

Slim Roster Navigation

Building a Roster 


Go1 + foundU

Go1 + foundU have teamed up to bring our customers access to an integrated  Learning Management System (LMS) 

Employee training and learning has never been easier and all sits within your foundU platform.

Our Integration was rolled out on February 24th 2020!
In the webinar below you'll see the Learning Management System (LMS) functionality including:

  • New Training quick menu
  • Connecting foundU to GO1
  • Adding courses to your course list
  • Enrol & assign training to employees
  • Building your own courses in GO1
  • Training reporting in GO1


Some Handy Resources

Slides from the webinar

LMS [Admin Guide]

LMS [Employee Guide]

Employee App

Our Employee app is here!

See a sneak peek of the new Employee App's functionality including:

  • New Geolocation clocking via the Employee App
  • How admins can enable the Employee App (from Monday) and set the boundary zone 
  • Communicating with employees- current functionality available
  • New Clocking icons on Approve shifts
  • Updated Clock log page


Some Handy Resources:



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