Sales/ GM Report 

The Sales/ GM (Gross Profit Margin) report shows the actual sales data and finalised margins. This report is often run after you have generated invoices.

Locating and running the report


  1. Navigate to Reports > Financial and in the Invoicing & Sales Reports select Sales/GM Report.
  2. In Duration select either a custom date range or data period e.g. This month
  3. Group the data by: Office Code or Operation
  4. You can also further filter the data by Employee, Operation, Manager, Office Code, Purchase order or Batch as needed.
  5. Click submit to run the report.
  6. You can also export the data to excel by selecting the Export Excel button and Print.

About the report data

This report reads data from the Payroll Activity data. This means that if there are changes made to invoices, this report will not reflect these.

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