Sales/ GM Report 

The Sales/GM report displays sales and invoice data, including profit margin, payroll tax, WorkCover, total pay and invoice amounts per operation. You would normally run this report after generating your invoices.

In this article, we will cover:

  • Generating the Sales/GM report

  Please note this Screen Navigation has no sound, please watch and follow along for helpful tips on generating your Sales/GM report.

SalesGM report example.gif

  If you would like information on how margins are calculated, then please see our helpful guide here!

Generating the Sales/GM report

After generating your invoices for the relevant pay period, you may like to generate a Sales/GM report to easily see sales and invoice data along with how margin figures are reached by adding all oncosts columns.

  Please note: This report pulls data from the Payroll Activity report and does not reflect changes made to invoices.

To generate the Sales/GM report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Financial and in the Invoicing & Sales Reports section select the Sales/GM Report.
  2. Choose your Duration and choose whether to group the data by Office Code or Operation.
  3. If needed, you can apply additional filters:
    • Employee
    • Operation
    • Manager
    • Office Code
    • Purchase Order
    • Batch
  4. Click Submit to generate the report. You will see the following information in the results:
    • Pay data - This is pulled from your payslip data.
    • Charge data - This is pulled from your invoice data.
    • WorkCover, Payroll Tax & Public Liability - This data is pulled from your operation data.

      Report example.png
  5. Once you have generated the relevant data, you can export it to Excel by clicking on the Export Excel option, or print the data by selecting Print.

    excel option.png
    excel example.png