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Getting Started with foundU (For all roles)


Get a complete overview of the platform and learn key workflows.

  • Navigation & Portals
  • Capabilities
  • Key workflows (onboarding, rostering, attendance, payroll)
  • What is set up during implementation and what you manage ongoing
  • Introduction to employee application, screening, onboarding & set up
  • Our financial, workforce and business report centers
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Employee Management (For HR and Managers)


Learn how to manage employees throughout their entire lifecycle.

  • Managing applications
  • Screening & compliance checklists
  • Onboarding & employee set up
  • Employee records, follow-ups & comments
  • Performance and attendance management
  • Employee portal
  • Employee management reporting
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Work, Time & Attendance (For Rostering Managers)


Part 1: Learn more about rosters and managing leave and availability tasks including:

  • Building rosters
  • Understanding the functionality of your rosters
  • Offering shifts through your roster
  • Managing leave for permanent staff
  • Managing availability and leave(where applicable) for casuals
  • Approving leave applications
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See also our Quick start videos- Clocking

Part 2: Learn more about employee clocking and how to approve, edit or decline shifts so employees can be paid: 

  • Tracking attendance: Clock App vs Employee App
  • Approving and editing shifts (approve hours)
  • Applying personal leave through approve shifts
  • Work time & attendance reporting

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Payroll Processing & Invoicing (For Payroll)


New to payroll with foundU? Learn how to run your first payroll including:

  • Checking timesheets & finalising hours
  • Conducting payroll checks & pre-payroll reporting
  • Making adjustments (adding reimbursements, allowances, deductions)
  • Generating payslips and downloading ABA files
  • Payroll reporting
  • Post generation adjustments
  • Generate and issue invoices
  • Invoice reporting
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See also our Quick start videos for Payroll

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