The JobKeeper report allows you to quickly view the dollar value of wages earned and paid within the ATO prescribed JobKeeper fortnight. This report is useful to be used with the JobKeeper automation process.

Locating and running the report


  1. Navigate to Reports > Financial and in the Payroll Activity section select JobKeeper Report.
  2. In Filters select your Office codes, employee or specific JobKeeper fortnight.
  3. Click Run to view the report.
  4. You can also export the data by  selecting the Export CSV or PDF buttons and Print

Please note:

The JobKeeper fortnight is the ATO's prescribed fortnight (not your normal period end).

About the report
This report will show you both processed pay data as well as unprocessed data (amounts currently sitting in your Draft payslips) to assist you with determining how much you may need to pay your employees.
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