Password Options 

Your password, alongside with multi-factor authentication are what grant you access to the foundU platform. There are many options for resetting admin, employee or operation user passwords.

Let's discover your password options

Setting up your password for the first time

An employee or admin user has just been set up in foundU. They will receive an email asking them to login to their platform. At the bottom of the email there is a Reset Password button. Here you can enter your email and can create your secure password.

Read Forgot password link on the login page below for step by step details.

Forgot password link on the login page

If your employees don't know their existing password, they're able to use the 'Forgot password' button on page.

  1. They'll be prompted to enter their email address that they used to register their foundU account. 

    Note: If employees are not sure what email they used, they'll need to contact you as the administrator. You're able to see their email on their employee profile overview page.

  2. They'll then be prompted to choose how you would like to reset your password either via SMS or Email.
  3. They'll receive an email or SMS with their five-digit verification code
  4. Enter in the Verification code
  5. Enter in a new password (8 characters, include at-least one capital letter and symbol) and confirm
  6. They'll then be redirected to log in using their email and new password.
Re-setting a password for admins or operation users from the Users page

To reset an Admin Users Password:

  1. Select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings, then Users
  2. Locate the desired user using the search bar and select the three dots
  3. From here click Reset Password
  4. The admin user will receive an email containing a link to reset their password

Re-setting a forgotten password for an employee from their profile
  1. Navigate to People >Approved People and locate the desired employee or search for your employee using the search bar in the top right, and click on their name to go into their profile
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the overview page and click Reset Password.

  3. This will send them an email allowing them to reset their password and will also record against their profile under Comms
  4. The employee will receive an email with a link to reenter their email and reset their password
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