Add a position to a new employee

Position set-up options

Before you can assign work to an employee in foundU, you'll need to set up the employee's position information including their employment type, position, pay rate, location/s & any leave entitlements.

In this article, we will be covering the following steps:

  • Setting up positions for new casual employees
  • Setting up a position for new permanent employees & Salaried employees
  • Adding additional positions for new permanent employees
  • Adding leave entitlements to employees

If you're looking to add a new position to an existing employee, the following two articles will be of assistance:

  Changing Permanent Positions

  Changing Casual Positions

Step 1: Locate the Employee Profile

To find the Employee Profile:

  1. Search for your desired employee in the search bar or locate your employee via People > Approved People and click their name to access their Employee Profile.
  2. Select the Employee Card icon and open the Employment Type tab.
  3. Click 'Add New Position' and select their Employment Type i.e. Full Time, Part Time or Casual and select 'Next'.

Step 2: Employee position set up
Casual Full Time & Part Time Salaried

Once you have selected Casual as the Employment Type and continued, now you will need to do the following:

  1. Select Location/s from the drop-down.
  2. Select the Position Group (optional)
  3. Choose the Position from the list or type the position name to locate the position quickly. This will then bring in the information from the relevant award.
  4. Enter a Custom Position Title (optional). The Custom Position Title will be what displays on the payslip.
  5. The rates will pull in from your Awards & Agreements. You're able to edit the Rate by typing it in if you pay above award.

     Please note: that the overtime/penalty rates will also calculate based on the rate determined here.

  6. Select Yes to add a Cost Code to the position (if applicable). Leave as No if no Cost Code is required. 
  7. Select the Position Start Date and Position End Date (optional).
  8. Click Add & Review Position.
  9. Review the position details to ensure that they are correct. You can edit or delete the position if needed. 

  10. Additional positions can be added at this point if required by repeating the above steps. When the relevant position/s has been applied, select Next.
Please note: The review screen will likely require no action for a new employee. If you receive any warnings, please refer to the article on Changing Casual Positions.
Step 3: Add leave entitlements

You can choose to add entitlements directly after the position has been created. If selecting Yes, you will have the option to select any entitlements applicable (based on Employment Type) from the drop-down menu.

 Please note: Some entitlements may be automatically selected for the employee due to the platform setup. More information about entitlement configuration can be found in this guide

  1. Select the relevant entitlement from the drop-down menu.
  2. Update any values if necessary the select Add & Review Entitlement.
  3. Select how should leave loading be reported for STP.
  4. Repeat the above steps for all entitlements you'd like to add to the employee then click Save when done.
Changing permanent positions
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Changing casual positions
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