Offer shifts

As opposed to rostering an employee directly onto a shift, you can offer employees shifts. This will give the employee the ability to accept or decline the shift.

Employees will receive either a email notification (or a sms) depending on your communication settings.

Offered shifts will display as:

  • Offered shift = Blue
  • Accepted shift shows as published = Green
  • Decline shift = Grey

When sending out offers to employees for shifts on a roster, SMS notifications can be sent to managers / admin users as the shifts are accepted or declined.

Offers expire and then show as no longer available

The platform defaults shift offers to 1 hour for employees to accept offers before they expire. You can adjust how long they have in the full menu> platform settings > system settings > offer expiry (hours) and specify the number of hours and save.

If an employee accepts an offer first, the other employees will receive a follow up text informing them that the offered job or offered shift is no longer available.


Create bulk shifts- Offer shifts from Roster Overview

There may be cases where you need to create ongoing shifts on the roster with specific requirements that you need to fill e.g. I need 1 x chef, 2 x floor staff for shifts for the next 2 weeks, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. 

This can be set up using Create Bulk Shifts, which allows you to create shifts with requirements in bulk, and then sending out blank offers to staff via SMS/email to accept/decline shifts. 

To create bulk shifts for the roster:

  1. Go to Work > Rosters, and click Create Bulk Shifts.
  2. Select the Client (Operation) and Roster the shift is for.
  3. Select the Start and End date for the shifts. You can create shifts up to 3 months in advance. 
  4. Select the days of the week that shifts would be on. The days selected that you are creating shifts for will appear on the right hand side calendar.
  5. Select the Start and End time for the shift.
  6. Enter any Break Duration.
  7. Select if you would like to allow employees that are offered these shifts to accept individually. If not select, when they accept they will receive all shifts.
  8. Now you can add each position and requirements for the shifts:
    • Select the first Position from the drop down. Complete the details for this position for the shift. 
    • Number of positions: number of people required for this position for these shifts. 
    • Any specific tags (this will be used when searching for employees to fill the shift).  
    • Any qualification requirements (this will be used when searching for employees to fill the shift).
    •  Add comments: toggle on whether or not you would like the employee to see this comment.
  9. Click Find Employees. This will now run a search on the employee database for people who have matching positions assigned to them, have any tags/qualifications you've selected, and are available to work for those shifts.
  10. You can either individually select all you would like to Offer, or send a blank Offer To All. Click Save, and then Send. This will send an SMS with the shift details asking if they'd like to accept or decline. It will also show up as a work Offer in their employee portal.The first to accept will be put on the shift, the rest will be notified the shift is filled. 
  11. Click Add Position if any other positions are required for these shifts, and repeat previous steps. Once all positions required have been set up, click Create Job.

Fill shifts from your Dashboard

If you fill shifts from your Dashboard, you can select Find employee to fill the shifts and offer or assign shifts (or jobs if using an older part of the platform).

To fill a shift (or a job):

  1. Navigate to home where you will see your unfilled shift summary (if this is enabled in your platform).
  2. Select find employees to fill the shifts. Depending on if you've select to offer a single shift or all shifts, you can find employees for all shifts or a specific shift.
  3. Select your employees and offer or offer to all. Send.
  4. You can also use the find employee menu to search for a specific person and assign a shift in the example where you'd like to accept a shift on the employee behalf (if you don't have permissions to log in as the employee).

Offer shifts from your Roster

To offer shifts while you're in your Roster:

  1. Navigate to Work> Rosters> select the appropriate roster.
  2. Create the shift and choose the person you would like to offer the shift to.
  3. Locate the Filter and select the employee(s) you would like to offer the shifts to.
  4. Under Publish & notfy shifts select Send Offers.

The employee(s) in question will now receive a message of offer to their Employee App where they can accept or decline the shift.

You can also use sort by position to view your roster by position and the employees listed on the day.

Offer notifications: Employee view 

Shift offers and Job offers (if using this older part of the platform) are sent to your employees mobile via SMS (or email) and appear as a notification on the employee app profile.

The Shift or Job offer could be for

  • A single job or shift or
  • For multiple jobs or multiple shifts.

SMS text message received for a Shift offer or a Job offer:

  • Employees click on the link to view the job offer.


  • Review the Shifts being offered by scrolling down.
  • Use the check boxes to select the Shifts that they would like to accept & select the Accept selected Shifts button.
Note: Employees can also decline the shifts offered by using the Decline Shifts button


  •    A confirmation will then show including how many shifts an employee accepted.

Employee App- View Offers.

  1. Employees will see a notification on the Work icon, and can view offers by selecting Offers from the drop down menu.
  2. Or you can select the green box 'You have 1 new job offer' notification on your home page, where you can select to View Offer.


Mocku_1_new_job_offer.pngWhen viewing on a mobile device, employees can Select Shifts to view all the shifts being offered. And then use the check box to select the desired shifts and Accept selected Shifts. They can also View details and Decline shifts.


  • On the home screen the employee will see their next shift listed in blue and their upcoming shifts under Upcoming Roster.



Accepted or Declined Shift notifications: Manager view

When sending out offers to employees for shifts on a roster, SMS notifications can be sent to managers / admin users as the shifts are accepted or declined.

To manage notifications:

  1. In the quick menu navigate to Work > Rosters.
  2. In the roster overview, click Edit within the specific roster.
  3. Enable the notifications to be received:
    • Enable comms when shift is approved
    • Enable comms when shift is declined 
  4. Select who the notifications need to be sent to for each:
    • Operation Manager (as applied on the operation profile).
    • Employee Manager (as applied on the employee profile).
    • Specific people: This will provide a list of all users across your admin and operations portals. You can select as many users as needed.
  5. Click Save. Repeat for other rosters as needed.

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