People Status- Working, Available, Not Available, Accepted, On Leave

Viewing the working status of your Employees

Knowing whether your employees are working or are available can be a key tool in using your workforce to its fullest. There are multiple ways to check the status of your employees.

  • Viewing the status column in your Approved People column.
    • This status is updated every 30 minutes.
  • You can also view the status in the Employee's profile.
    • This status shows the most timely status update (to the minute).
Viewing the status of employees through Approved People

When filtering your Approved People (existing employees) you can use the Status Column to further sort your employees by their status, by clicking on the top of this column the 'sort feature' will take effect.

The status is updated every 30 minutes. The different status types that you may see include:

  • Working
  • Available
  • Not Available
  • Accepted
  • On Leave

Let's take a peek at what these statuses look like and what they mean. Please note the below images are from the Employee Profile, you will not see the employee's images in Approved People.

  • Working- employee is currently working.


  • Available- employee is available to work.


  • Not Available- employee is not available to work.


  • Accepted- employee has been accepted as an Approved Person (when people are unverified they are still in application stage meaning that you need to Approve the Person for work and add in their position details before they appear on the roster). 


  • Unverified- employee is still in the Onboarding process.


  • On Leave- employee is currently on leave.



You can also use the Show filter and Work Status option to filter by the desired status e.g. view all Available employees.

You now see the results of all the Available employees in the status column.



Viewing the status in the Employee Profile

You can also view the status in the employee's profile.

This status shows the most up to the minute status update. For example, Kara was sick today and as soon as her personal leave was approved, her status changed to 'On Leave' in her profile.

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