Accrue Entitlements (Leave) without wage payments (COVID-19 Response)

With the recent impact of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), there may be scenarios where your business needs to temporarily stand down employees (stop wage payments), but maintain the accrual of leave entitlements for permanent staff in line with Fair Work guidelines.  



Applying minimum or maximum accrual amounts

Some businesses may want to accrue more or less hours for an employee than what is in their Work Pattern. You can set minimum or maximum accrual limits per employee, per entitlement type.


Setting accrual limits for an individual employee:

1. Navigate to the employee's profile> employee card> employment type > entitlements 

2. Edit min/max accruals i.e. if employee is to accrue leave based on 38 hours only. Then add 38 hours to min and max accrual. And save.

This means that the employee will accrue annual leave for example for 38 hours each week no matter what.

Accrued_annual_leave.png eff_dates_accrual.png


Setting accrual limits for employees in bulk:

1. First you'll need to export the current leave balances for employees, this can be done through hamburger menu > Integrations > CSV Import , then select Employee Entitlements, export current entitlements.


2.  Once the report exports, you can adjust the accrual minimum, accrual limit. Once you have finished your adjustments, you will import the CSV.


4. Import CSV. This will update all employee files with minimum and maximum accrual values ready for your next payslip generation.



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