Key Reports and Processes for COVID-19 Response

We understand that in these stressful periods you may need to find information within your foundU platform to assist you in getting your business ready for changes. 

JobKeeper Resources:

Source Legal Key Resources:

Other ways we can support you:

  • Talk to us if you have any key personnel who are unable to work - we can assist in providing essential services like payroll administration
  • If your team is required to work from home and you would like to use this time to get them trained up, we can work with you to organise custom foundU training sessions
  • GO1 Learning Management have arranged for their premium COVID-19 Policy Training course to be available for foundU users for free - if you would like to set this up for your teams please get in touch. 

foundU Platform Key Reports and Actions


SMS or Email your Employees in Bulk:

You can either send an SMS to all your Working Employees or send an SMS or Email to all Approved Employees.

To send an SMS to working employees at a specific Operation or Roster, go to:

  • Dashboard > People Working Today > Use Date and Operation / Roster filters and click Submit
  • Click Send SMS

To send an SMS or Email to Approved Employees, go to:

  • Approved People > Use Advanced Filters to filter down employee groups for communications (Optional) > Bulk Actions > Send SMS or Email to All Filtered


Finding out wage costs per employment type:

You will need to use the filters on your processed payslip page. Go to:

  • Payroll > Pay > Payslips (Processed) and filter to the required week ending. To view all week endings at once, click the X on the date filter to remove the date requirement entirely. mceclip0.png
  • Use the Additional Filter option to filter to the Employment Type


  • You can apply further filters as required (Operation, Office Code etc.)
  • Export results by going to Bulk Actions > Export All Filtered. You can click the section headers (or individual items) to deselect information to be exported, and you can save it as an export template for next time. 



Find out Approved but unpaid shift amounts by Position Type, Day / Shift / Date, Cost Centre or Operation:

  • Use the Labour Management report, go to Reports > Financial > Labour Management
  • Choose your custom date range - this report pulls data from Approved Shifts and Timesheets, so you are able to get specific day data if required. 
  • Use the 'Group By' functions to add the data set that you need



Find out how many People in Work at each Operation, and Roster, at each Pay Level:

  • Use the People in Work Report located under Reports > Workforce > People in Work
  • Choose a week ending, and Generate



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