You may be wanting to update all your contacts in your foundU platform in bulk (all at once).

To do this:

1. Export all your Operation contacts from foundU

2. Once exported you are able to make adjustments as required.

3. Once you have your updated new contact list you can bulk import your contacts per operation as needed.

The steps below will assist you in enabling the setting and bulk exporting your contacts:

1. Navigate to Operations > Approved Operations

2. Select Bulk Actions and select Export Operations Contacts, select your desired options and select export.


This will export your operations contacts (see example below)


Please note: If you do not see the above option, the ability to see this is controlled by user permissions and you may need to speak to your foundU Platform Admin or Super user to have this enabled (via Platform Settings> Users> Operation sub menu >Can Export Operation Contacts CSV) where required. 
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