How to use your go1 foundU Integration

Using the foundU go1 integration

go1 is a Learning management system that allows you to create, deliver and track learning across your organisation. Once you have set up your go1 integration, you can use go1 to manage compliance within your business, fill skills gaps, and further upskill your workforce.

You can use the go1 learning management system to 

    • Welcome employees to your organisation and introduce them to your culture and brand.
    • Allow employees to access and complete health and safety induction videos before going on-site.
    • Get employees to complete specific training relevant to their roles as a part of onboarding.
    • Get employees to select courses to upskill and expand their skill set. For example, management courses, excel courses, negotiation, or bartending skills.
    • Input courses into your onboarding process (this is typically done through your initial implementation).

In this article, we will cover:

  1. Navigating the go1 dashboard.
  2. Assigning and creating courses in go1. 
  3. The Employee view in go1.
  4. Report on available training data within go1.
  5. Accessing go1 Support and FAQs.

  For more benefits on go1 and setting up the initial integration, please refer to this article.

About go1

Accessing your go1 account

The Training menu in the side main menu will contain your go1 integration. To use the Training menu you will need to ensure:

  1. Firstly, your go1 account is set up. 
  2. That the Training menu setting is active for your platform.

Once this is complete you can begin allocating courses to your employees.

Navigating the Training menu & go1 dashboards

Once connected to go1 you will have access to 2 dashboards as a foundU- go1 admin. You will perform actions from both. 

  • The foundU dashboard accessible via the Training menu in the side main menu
  • The go1 dashboard accessed directly from go1

Navigating the Training menu

  • The foundU dashboard accessible via the Training menu will give you access to:
    • Searching for courses.
    • Adding courses to your course collection.
    • Assigning courses to your employees.
    • Viewing high-level course completion.

Want to experience a virtual walk-through of the integration with go1? Check it out below by clicking on Take a Tour, or use the link below to view it in full screen.

To see this demo in a larger screen watch our navigation virtual walk-through here.

Navigating your go1 Dashboard

  • The go1 dashboard accessed directly from go1 will give you access to:
    • Access detailed reporting on your courses and employees' completion status.
    • Create & build your own course content. 


To see the go1 dashboard functionality, watch this short video below. Please note, this video has no sound.

  To access the go1 Help articles to learn more about the navigation of the go1 dashboard, click here.

Assigning & creating go1 courses

Adding Courses to your Course Collection

To ensure you have an easy bank of courses to select from you'll want to curate a Course collection. You can then easily assign these courses to your employees.

The content that you can add to your go1 course collection will depend on your go1 subscription.

  • Free go1 account- You only have access to add your own training modules that you can build and tailor to your own needs.
  • Premium go1 account- You can choose to add courses from the 1000s of premium courses that go1 has to offer, as well as build and upload your own training modules.

To create a Collection of Courses:

  1. Select the Course Collection tab > Add New Course button to create a collection of courses.

  2. Search for the type of course content you are looking for. You can search by:

    • Keyword- Ie. Health and safety, excel, food handling etc.
    • Provider- Ie. to locate your favourite course provider or your own course content.
    • Topic- Ie. Fire safety, etc.
    • or Tags- Ideal to find course content you have assigned tags to.
  3. After browsing the courses, select the + to add the chosen course to your course collection. 

  Please note: If you use a free Go1 account to create & assign your own content, you won't find other Providers, Keywords and Topics in your searches.

Any courses in your Course collection are then assignable to your employees.

Assign courses to employees

From go1, you'll have the option to assign courses to your employees one at a time or to multiple employees at one time. You can also assign courses that you have created in go1.

You can assign courses from 2 areas:

  • From the Course collection tab > Course name > Add people + button.
  • From the Manage Employees tab > Assign courses to all filtered.

  Hot Tip: Use the 'Show Filter' option to filter results based on criteria before applying courses in bulk.

Assigning courses from the Course Collection tab

Use this option when you have added a new course to your Course Collection and need to assign it to your employees.

To assign courses from the Course collection:

    1. From the Course collection tab > Locate your course by using the search to find the Course name.
    2. Next, select the Add People + button.

    3. You can search for an employee and select + Enrol on the course for each employee to enrol. Continue to select all employees you would like to enrol.
    4. Once ready, select the Enrol xxx employees button.

Your employees will now be enrolled in the course. Next time they log in to their foundU Employee App, they will see that they have a Pending course to complete on the Home screen of their App. If you have configured the go1 notification emails, they will also receive an email that they have a new course to complete.

Assigning courses from the Manage Employees tab

Using this option has multiple beneficial use cases for assigning courses including:

  • When you need to filter a certain group of employees to assign courses to.
  • When you need to assign a course to a bulk group of employees.
  • Need to assign multiple courses to the same group of employees at once.

To assign courses in bulk:

  1. To add courses to multiple employees at a time go to the Manage Employees tab.
  2. Use the Show Filter option to segment your employee group. By filtering your employee group, you can then assign courses by:
    • Position- To assign courses relevant to the employee's position.
      • I.e. Assign a leadership course to all manager & supervisor positions.
    • Operation- To assign certain courses to specific operations.
      • I.e the cafe employees will need to do different courses than the Head Office employees.
    • Skills & Qualifications- Segment out course assignments to certain groups.
      • I.e Assign a forklift safety course to all those with the qualification of 'forklift'.
    • or Tags- Segment out course assignments to certain tagged groups.
      • I.e Assign a hospitality course to all of your tagged 'hospitality' employees.

  3. Once you have your filtered group, press Assign Bulk Courses to Selected.
  4. Next, choose the courses you would like to Bulk assign to this group of employees. You can choose:
    • A single course
    • Multiple courses

  5. Once you have your filtered group of employees and courses selected, press Assign xx Courses to Employees.

Your employees will now be enrolled in the course. Next time they log in to their foundU Employee App, they will see that they have a Pending course to complete on the Home screen of their App. If you have configured the go1 notification emails, they will also receive an email that they have a new course to complete.

Manage courses

There may come a time when a course or standalone learning item you have created is no longer relevant to your learners. 

You can remove a course from access by deleting it from your Course collection or Unpublishing it from go1. This ensures that any enrollments against that course or standalone learning item remain for reporting purposes.

To delete a course from your collection.

  1. Select the delete icon next to the course. 
  2. If the delete icon is not available, this means you have no users or enrolled users in the course. Press the > arrow next to the course and Unpublish it in go1.

  3. Press yes to confirm you would like to delete the course from the collection.

Employee views

Employee Card view

You can access an employee's learning profile anytime via the Employee's profile from within foundU.

To view the courses for an individual:

  1. Navigate to the Employee > and select the Training tab.
  2. Here you will see a list of all of the courses assigned to the employee and their status
    • In progress- will include the last accessed date.
    • Completed- this will include the completion date.

For more detailed reporting on the course completion for your employees, see the section below on go1 Reporting.

Employee App view

When you assign a course to employees they will be alerted they have a new course to complete by a Blue box on the home screen of their Employee App.

They can access this Training via:

  • The Show Courses > button in the blue notification.
  • Or, from the main menu > Training.

  It is ideal for employees to access their training on a larger screen than their phone, so consider encouraging them to login into their foundU portal on a desktop or tablet when completing their training.


When an employee accesses this training in either method, it will show them all available courses to complete.


  For more information on how your employees can access their Training from the foundU App, please read this article for employees.

Reporting, go1 Support and FAQs

Accessing reports within go1

Reporting on the learning of your employees is an important part of ensuring that training is being accessed and completed within the allocated timeframes.

Reporting is one aspect that you will perform directly in go1 as opposed to your foundU platform. Since this is the case, we have linked some valuable go1 Help articles to assist you in your go1 reporting needs.

With go1 reports, all managers can report on their team's data including:

To track, manage and report on your employee's learning directly in go1:

  1. Press the go1 Dashboard button to navigate directly to go1.

  2. My teaching > Reports, then select what course you would like to view reports for.
  3. You will then see a list of employees to choose from. Select individuals or select all.
  4. Use the filter option to filter results as you wish.

  To access the go1 Help articles to learn more about the features of go1 reporting, click here.

Accessing assistance from go1 Support

When you need help with your go1 software beyond what is available in this article you have options for support based on the level of go1 account you have. 

  • For free go1 accounts where you have created and managed your own go1 content - access the go1 Help Center to find an article that supports your needs. Here you can:
    • Access popular support articles.
    • Join a go1 Platform Training session.
    • Watch short How-to Videos.
    • and read go1 FAQS.
  • For premium go1 accounts, you can access help from your go1 Customer service manager or their 24/7 Support.
go1 FAQs

When I access the Training menu/page it is blank when trying to use my admin access, what does this mean? 

This may occur if your token has expired or if your connection has been lost. Should you need to reconnect and authorise foundU when your training page is loading blank, please use the below instructions:

  1. To do so please enter this URL: . You will need to replace your platform's subdomain in the 'subdomain' section in the link above. This will disconnect the existing integration and we will now reintegrate.
  2. Then select Connect to go1 > Connect Existing go1 Account.
  3. Enter your go1 login details and Authorise foundu to use your account.

When I navigate to my employee's Training tab it says 'Reactivate account' and I can't see any courses. How can I address this?

This means that employee is blocked in your go1, (i.e. not active).

Reactivate tab.png

Should you wish to make them active, you can do so by presseing the 'Reactivate Account' button. You should then see their courses and completion status. The employee's status in go1 also will change to display as active.

My employee is having issues completing their training course as a part of Onboarding. The course will not load. What can I do to troubleshoot this issue?  

If you are experiencing this issue with one of your employees please try the below options to trouble shoot.

  • Firstly insure that this employee is an 'Active' user in foundU and is not blocked.
  • Login as the Employee and see if you can progress in the training course at all past the point where they employee is stuck. If so, stop and get then to resume the course.
    login as andile.png
  • After trying the above, confirm your employee is using Chrome as their browser
  • Next, get them to try clearing the cookies and cache and try again. Here is some steps to follow to clear cache and cookies.
  • After trying the above you can reach out to our Support team if you are still experiencing issues.

Will I need to add my new employees into go1, or will this happen automatically?

One of the main benefits of our integration with go1 is that each new employee syncs to go1 as they become active in foundU! If you have active employees in foundU who are not in go1 please reach out to our support team.