Once you have setup your GO1 integration you will be able to use GO1 to manage compliance within your business, fill skills gaps and further upskill your workforce.

You can use the GO1 learning management system to 

  • allocate courses to employees
  • add employees to course content
  • build or bring your own content into GO1
  • report on available training data
  • input courses into your onboarding process

In order to use the Training menu  you will need to ensure your GO1 account is setup.  Once this is complete you can begin allocating courses to your employees.

Navigating the Training Menu:

The image below will give you an indication of how to navigate once in the Training Menu.

  • Select the arrow icon to navigate to the GO1 platform for a course preview
  • Use the delete icon to delete a course from your collection


Adding Courses to Collection and Assigning People to Courses:

  1.  Select the course collection tab and Add New Course button to create a collection of courses
  2. You can also add in courses that you have created in GO1current_courses.png
  3. You can search for an employee to enrol into the course
  4. Once located, select the Enrol to course + button
  5. To add courses to multiple employees at a time go to Manage Employees and select Assign Bulk Courses to all Filtered

Tip: Use the Show Filter option to filter results based on criteria before applying courses in bulk


Reporting in GO1:

You can track, manage and report on your employees learning directly in GO1. To do so:

Navigate within GO1 to:

  1. My teaching > Reports, then select what course you would like to view reports for
  2. You will then see a list of employees to choose from. Select individuals or select all.
  3. Use the filter option  to filter results as you wish


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