Using the go1 LMS

Our foundU and go1 Integration will allow you to utilise the extensive go1 library to upskill and engage your employees by using the wealth of courses in the go1 library.


go1 is an LMS (Learning Management System) software application that allows you to create, deliver and track learning across your organisation. This includes:

  • Administration & management of your staff learning.
  • Learning Documentation including tracking and reporting and, 
  • The delivery of educational resources such as e-learning, and face-to-face training.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. How go1 can benefit your business and book your demo of the product.
  2. Setting up an account with go1.
  3. Using the training menu for direct access to go1.
  4. FAQs for the go1 - foundU integration.

  If you use go1 in your business and need to learn more about the functionality, please refer to our guide on How to use your go1 foundU Integration.

How go1 can benefit your business

If you are looking for a Learning Management System to train & upskill your employees and want to choose from a multitude of ready-made courses, then go1 may be the LMS for you!

Integration with go1 will give your business the added benefits of:

    • Access to the most comprehensive learning and development library.
    • Alternatively, build your own learning content within go1.
    • go1 has a growing content library that's regularly updated
      • This allows:
        • Your business to be compliant
        • Fills skills gaps in your workforce
        • Attract (and retain) an engaged workforce
    • go1 can be delivered in your existing foundU platform or from within go1, giving you options.
    • Compatible resource types include SCORM, xAPI, PDF, Audio, Video, and MS Office files.
    • go1’s Content Hub can be delivered on hundreds of LMSs, HRISs and apps at the touch of a button. 
    • 24/7 Support.

There are different levels of go1 subscriptions which differ based on the course content that you can add to your course collections and the level of support you receive from go1. For example:

  • A Free go1 account- 
    • $0 cost per user.
    • You only have access to add your own training modules that you can build and tailor to your own needs. (no premium content)
    • You will use the in-depth go1 help articles to assist yourself in using your account.
  • Premium go1 account- 
    • There is a cost per active user.
    • You can choose to add courses from the 1000s of premium courses that go1 has to offer, as well as build and upload your own training modules.
    • You will have access to go1 24/7 Support as well as a Customer success manager.

To learn more about go1 and its solutions and resources, please read here. Read on to connect your platform and/or book a demo.

Setting up an account with go1

If you would like to set up an account with go1, or simply have a tour of the go1 platform, register your interest via one of the following options:

  • Register your interest here.
  • Register your interest directly in your foundU platform using the instructions below.

The go1 team will then reach out to run you through platform capabilities. You can also follow the steps below to sign up from within the foundU platform.

Register your interest directly in your foundU platform

You can use this option provided you have the foundU permissions to view the Training menu in your platform.

To register interest or connect to go1:

  1. Navigate to the main menu and select the Training menu from the side navigation main menu. 
    • Please note: If you cannot see this menu, please contact our Support team.
  2. Next, select from:
    • Register Interest in using go1- You will populate your details and our Customer Support team will be in touch.
    • or, Connect to go1- Can choose between setting up a new go1 account or Connecting to an existing one.

Connect new account:

  1. Enter your organisation's details, and be sure to include any other admins you would like to have access to go1.
  2. Accept the checkboxes and be sure to read the go1 Terms and Policies.
  3. Next, select Sign up and Connect with foundU.

Your account will default to free and custom-built content only. 

A go1 representative will get in touch about future learning options and pricing.

Connect your existing go1 account

If you have an existing account with foundU and would like to connect it to your foundU platform, that's great, select the Connect Existing go1 button and fill in the relevant login details of your go1 account.

Once connected you'll be able to use all the features of go1 within your foundU platform.

Using the Training menu for direct access to go1

If you have a go1 account, as part of the setup, a foundU team member will enable the Training menu so that it displays in your side menu. Using this button you can access the integration to go1 directly.

  Please note: The setting to enable/disable the Training menu is a foundU-only setting. Please reach out to Support if you'd like this menu disabled or enabled.

go1 setup FAQs

Here are the frequently asked questions about the go1-foundU Integration. Check back for updates soon.

For more FAQs on using go1, please refer to this article.

Did the Training menu move?

Yes, it did! As a part of our redesign of the top navigation menus, we have moved the Training menu to within the side main menu! This ensures you have a nice compact top navigation bar and that features only the menus used with a higher frequency!

If for some reason you cannot see the Training menu on your side navigation menu and you are a go1 customer, you'll need to reach out to our Support team to reenable the Training menu for you.

We use another partner LMS in our business, can this LMS be accessed from the Training menu?

No, unfortunately only go1 has a custom-built direct access button at this time.

How long does it take to set up go1?

Once the go1 team has been in contact you should be able to start using your go1 account within a few weeks.

I need help with my go1 account. How can I access Support?

Access the go1 Support team by 24/7 chat assistance in your go1 platform, submitting a ticket, and accessing go1 Help resources.

What happens when a staff member is archived or declined in foundU?

The employee will also be archived in go1, keeping your employee data clean and current!